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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly wants to help Johnny and asks what’s happened since he seems all worked up.  Johnny wonders why she’d want to be around him when he’s like this. Carly wants to make sure he’s okay, since he seems lost. 

Sonny wonders what Kate is hiding from him, since she wasn’t where she said she would be.  Kate claims she was stopping a news story from leaking out.  Sonny says he believes her.  He tells her that he needs to know where she is. Kate asks if she’s in any danger.  Sonny says the Zaccharas are making threats, but they only go after the kids.

Robin tells Jason he has swelling of his brain, which could be a complication of the surgery.  Jason wants medication and to forget about it.  Robin says if he doesn’t take care of it, it could kill him. She says to think about Sam, now that they’re married.  She asks when he first noticed the changes in his inability to control his anger. Jason admits it was on his honeymoon.

Spinelli’s worried for Sam, who claims she’s just hungry. He heads out to get her some food.  Sam checks the internet, which says cramps could indicate a miscarriage. Sam mutters that it would solve her problems.  When he returns with the food, she says she’s not hungry and heads out. 

Luke wonders why Lulu’s throwing glassware. She says it’s not her first glass of wine today. He thinks she’s there to blame him.  Lulu says Olivia, Tracy and Maxie all commented on her wine consumption, but she doesn’t think she has a problem. 

Matt and Liz discuss Robin’s situation. He tells Liz she needs to do what makes her happy.  Maxie overhears and wonders what they’re discussing.  Matt claims patient/doctor confidentiality.  Maxie snarks out Liz, accusing her of trying to steal Matt.  Liz excuses herself. Matt tells Maxie to stop snarking out Liz.  Maxie tells him that he needs to knock it off with Liz. 

Lulu accuses Luke of always disappearing; saying everyone in town has seen him, but her.  He says he’s been busy and felt she needed her space.  Lulu says he hasn’t offered congratulations for her wedding and she needs a father.  Lulu says she’s been filling up the void with a drink.  Luke admits he’s been concerned about her; he’s been absent in her life, but that he does love her. 

Lulu explains that she was determined to find a way to bring him back home, but Luke says he wasn’t ready to come back.  Lulu wonders why looking for him was more important than the man that she loves.  Lulu says it’s hard to look too closely at herself and that’s why she’s started drinking. 

Kate tells Sonny that Johnny claims he didn’t shoot him.  Sonny doesn’t believe it and wants them to focus on their restaurant, because he wants to move forward with her. 

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Carly assures Johnny that he can’t shock her. Whatever is bothering him, she’s done worst.  He wonders again why she cares, since they aren’t friends.  Carly says he didn’t use or hurt Michael and asks what Sonny did.  Johnny shows her the birth certificate, which shocks her, but Carly points out that Sonny could have forged it.  Johnny assures her that it’s real and wonders how Sonny got it in the first place. 

Johnny says he confronted Anthony and that everybody lied to him his whole life.  Carly says mothers lie to their kids, but Johnny says she lied to Michael to give him a better life.  Carly says both Anthony and Claudia did the same thing.  Johnny explains Anthony was under Gino’s thumb and wanted something to blackmail, t Claudia took it too far.  Carly understands Claudia’s actions now, as does Johnny, who says she was always so desperate to be loved and accepted.

Liz tells Matt she knows he didn’t want to lie to Maxie, but it’s Robin’s secret to tell.  Matt feels Robin should tell and is still angry that Robin asked Liz to step in.  Liz points out Maxie would make it about her and that everyone lied to her.  Matt agrees and then asks Liz to get along with Maxie.  Liz tells him that if Maxie thinks there’s something going on, he should set her straight. 

Maxie shows up at Spinelli’s angry about her encounter with Liz.  She wonders if Matt is doing this to make her jealous.  Spinelli tells her to make him jealous in exchange and offers to be her partner in crime. 

Robin’s glad that Jason’s symptoms have been going on for awhile, but tells him that he can’t ignore them. They need to be proactive.  She wants to run more tests and possibly do another surgery, something Jason refuses to do right now. 

Sam gets to the hospital and asks a nurse to check if Kelly’s can see her.  Liz asks if everything is ok and Sam claims she’s there for a checkup.  Sam heads off to her appointment.  She runs into Jason after the appointment but reassures him that Kelly said everything was okay.  Sam thinks Spinelli told Jason where she was and then asks why he was at the hospital.  Jason says he’ll tell her when they get home.  Liz listens from the corner. 

Lulu asks Luke why he avoided her when she needed him. He says he’s worried about the damage he can do to her, that she still has hope.  Lulu, crying, asks if he doesn’t want to see her. She says she needed him to be there.  Luke says she needs something from him that he doesn’t know how to deliver, just like he couldn’t be there for her mother.  Lulu’s angry that it always comes back to Laura. She says she’s not her mother.  Luke says they’re very much alike. Lulu asks if it’s because she’s weak or unstable, but Luke says it’s because she loves so deeply and holds onto hope. 

Lulu says she’s proud to be like her mother, but that she’s like him too.   She knows about bitterness and anger. Lulu starts to pick up the broken glass and cuts herself. Luke grabs a rag and starts to help her. Lulu cries and says she used to know who she was and where she was going and doesn’t anymore. She says she has a man who loves her and she doesn’t know why she’s so lost.

Lulu says she’s missed him, he shouldn’t stay away because he thinks he’s going to hurt her.  Luke says he loves being her dad, but that he didn’t want to do any damage.  Lulu says she’s seen everything and knows him.  Luke tells her that he wants her to put her life together the way she wants it to be.  Lulu says everyone has their opinion about her and she needs his voice to help her sort through it.  Luke reminds her that his voice isn’t always kind but Lulu’s fine with brutal honesty. 

Lulu says he’s better with Tracy, but Luke says Tracy’s happily married.  Lulu says Anthony’s blackmailing Tracy and that she wants to see Luke happy. Lulu says she married the man of her dreams, but that she wants something that’s totally hers.  Luke says it will be a bumpy ride, but he’s willing to join her.   

Carly assures Johnny that despite the change in his parents, it doesn’t change who he is.  Johnny says it changes everything.  Carly asks if he’ll retaliate against Sonny.  Johnny assures her that Michael will be fine.  Carly claims she’s worried about him; she wants to help him and she’ll stay as long as he needs her.