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General Hospital: Perkie's Observation

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Molly and Alexis join TJ and Shawn at Kelly’s.  Molly tutors TJ, although they argue about everything.  She tells him to read the first pages of the novel and then deduces that he can’t read. 

Shawn thanks Alexis again for loaning out Molly. Alexis says Molly doesn’t have much of a social life, so this might be good for her.  She reminds Shawn to keep an eye on the kids. 

Ewen runs into Alexis, who asks about his patient.  Ewen says he’s made little progress and that Cassandra’s fascinated with Windemere. 

Ethan and Cassandra are hanging out at Windemere, when Luke shows up to meet Cassandra.  He wonders about her fascination with Windemere; the Cassadine’s are a twisted bunch, with a high body count.  Cassandra leaves the Spencer men to talk. Ethan is angry at his father’s interference.  Luke says he’s just letting her know what she’s in for. 

Luke feels Ethan needs to get to know Cassandra better and reminds him of how his marriage to Maya ended.  Ethan says Cassandra isn’t like anyone he’s ever met. He’s trying to get to know her better.  Luke tells him to slow down and that happy people don’t normally block out the good memories and she might be hiding a deep dark secret. 

Johnny shows up at the PCPD to answer Dante’s questions about the pier explosion.  Ronnie wonders who lit the match.  Johnny claims he doesn’t know anything. He then asks about the stripper case.  Dante says they’re still working on it.  Before he leaves, Johnny overhears Delores arguing with her husband on the phone about expenses.  Johnny says he can help pull some strings for her, but Delores isn’t interested in a bribe. 

Carly demands to know from Sonny why he’s going after Johnny and making Michael a target again.  Sonny, in his infinite wisdom, declares that the Zaccharas won’t go after the kids.  Carly accuses him of making bad choices and not stopping to see the mess he’s made.  Sonny accuses her again regarding Jax. Carly points out that he would have killed Jax.  Sonny says he only told Johnny the truth and that she shouldn’t have compassion for him.  He asks how she knows. Carly says she begged Johnny to tell her. 

Carly says Johnny was always decent to her and that he turned down her offer.  Sonny wonders what it was in exchange for.  Carly says she would do anything to protect her kids and complains about Sonny being back with Kate.  Sonny says he told Johnny the truth and what he does with that information is up to him.  Carly tells him to leave Johnny alone, she knows how it feels to find out your adopted.  Sonny tells her to learn from her mistakes. 

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Carly says he provoked Johnny, made the Zaccharas more dangerous and it will affect the kids.  Alexis shows up and wonders what’s going on with the kids.  Carly says there’s no telling what Sonny has unleashed on the children and storms off.  Alexis demands to know what Sonny has done now. 

Sonny says the Zaccharas are not a threat and that the kids are being watched.  He claims he would lay down his life for his kids.  Dante shows up and tells him not go after the Zaccharas. 

Tracy’s looking for a two bedroom suite, when Anthony shows up.  She says she’s not saying in the boathouse again and wonders why his credit card has been declined.   Johnny shows up and tells them that Anthony is cut off. He explains about being Claudia and Gino’s son.  Tracy’s shocked to hear that Johnny is a Solito. Johnny says he’s come to tell her that he’s staking a claim in the money Gino left behind. 

Anthony warns Johnny not to be greedy, but Johnny says the money is rightfully his.  Tracy leaves them to talk. Anthony warns him that the Solitos don’t like to share and will not be happy if Johnny goes at them.  Anthony claims to care about Johnny.  Johnny reminds him that Sonny doesn’t know he’s the one who shot Dante.  Anthony counters that Sonny wouldn’t be happy to know that Johnny planted the drugs.  Anthony says Johnny needs to be more careful.

Johnny says Claudia always protected him and that Anthony always hated her.  Anthony warns him to be careful how he uses the information. Johnny says he has big plans for his grandfather. 

Dante tells Delores not to let Johnny get to her.  Ewen shows up and details his profile of the stripper strangler, which doesn’t match who Dinofrio was.  Dante thanks Ewen for the profile.  Ewen says he’s available if they need him again.  Ronnie still thinks it’s all a waste of time. Delores is sure the information will help and they need to catch the guy soon.  Dante says he wants them all to get to know each other better and offers to go out with the spouses. 

Luke tells Ethan that he isn’t telling him how to run his life, but that he should proceed with caution.  Ethan says the Cassadine legacy is over, they’re either all dead or moved on.  He wants to start a new chapter and live in the moment.  Luke heads off in the tunnels only to get smacked in the head by someone.  Ethan apologizes to Cassandra for his father and the two kiss. 

Mac summons Spinelli to the PCPD to yell at him for moving in with Maxie.  He says Maxie is off limits.  Spin says he’s a devoted friend and asks Mac’s feelings for Matt.  Mac says Maxie is trying to emulate Robin by dating a doctor and that Matt’s an improvement over Spin.  

Carly runs into Shawn and asks how things are going with TJ. He tells her that it’s a real challenge, and that TJ needs a support system and he’s not sure if he’s capable of giving it.  Carly heads out and leaves a message for Johnny to call her, which Shawn overhears. 

Dante tells Sonny not to make things messier.  Sonny says he didn’t ask him over to talk about Johnny but that he’s about to make him and offer he can’t refuse.