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Twitter Gives GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn a Voice

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Nancy Lee Grahn’s Alexis Davis is embarking on a menopause storyline on General Hospital. In an interview with TV Guide, Grahn discusses the new twist in Alexis’ life, whether-or-not Frank Valentini likes the Jill Farren Phelps approved storyline and her penchant for speaking out on Twitter.

TV Guide Magazine: You've blasted everyone from Vera Wang, because she's a soap snob who wouldn't make her dresses available to GH, to that poor girl who beat out Lexi Ainsworth for the Daytime Emmy last year.

Grahn: I was pissed! I saw those Emmy tapes. There was no contest. That award was Lexi's. It was like they were asking, "Who's prettier, Angelina Jolie or Phyllis Diller?" And then they opened the envelope and the winner was Phyllis Diller! Don't me wrong, I love Phyllis Diller. But, c'mon, let's be real here! And my Vera Wang rant was very well deserved. It reached 100,000 people. How else is someone like me going to reach that many? I'm not on magazine covers. I have no voice. Twitter is a place for me to say what I think and get some response back. [Laughs] It's a place for me to vent about the Kardashians. And I have very funny and intelligent people responding to me, so it's like an ongoing dialogue, a conversation.

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