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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny offers Dante a wedding present, a donation to the hospital pulmonary wing in Dante’s name.  Dante doesn’t want his name and Sonny’s associated together. He says his father can’t buy his way to redemption.  Sonny claims he’s only trying to do good, but Dante says Sonny gives money every year to whitewash his image. 

Sonny says he’s trying to honor Dante’s marriage and wonders if Lulu has a problem. However, Dante says it has nothing to do with Lulu. He needs to keep his name clear as a cop.  Sonny says they used to get along, before they found out they were father and son. Dante says he was just a good liar. 

Dante says family means something to him, but he won’t look the other way.  Sonny says Dante covered for Michael in the latest shooting, Dante admits he did but then asks how long before Sonny expects Dante to cover for him.  Dante says he knows Michael didn’t kill the guy.  Sonny points out that family is everything but Dante doesn’t feel that blood is thicker than water.

Dante accuses Sonny of always playing the family card when it’s convenient.  Sonny says he’s trying to do something meaningful for him and his bride.  Dante tells him if he wants to do something, Sonny should quit the business, stop being someone that Dante needs to keep an eye on and just be his father.  Sonny turns it around and asks if Dante would ever give up the badge.  Dante says no.  Sonny just wants them to be a family, but Dante says it isn’t reality.  Kate shows up, so Dante leaves. 

Lulu stops by Crimson to see Maxie and possibly get her old job back. However, she backs off when Kate gets all military on Maxie.  Spinelli shows up with a giant bouquet of flowers and Maxie’s thrilled, since it’s all part of her plan to make Matt jealous.   Lulu warns Maxie not to play games.  

Matt catches Liz looking through Jason’s file.  He points out that Robin and Patrick are monitoring the case.  Liz says she and Jason used to be close and will always have a connection, because of Jake.  Matt tells her he’s a good listener if she needs it.  Liz says she can’t breathe sometimes.  Ewen overhears and wonders if she needs his help again.  Maxie calls Matt to come over right away.

Liz tells Ewen that she has a friend with health issues and she can’t do anything.  Ewen says he has techniques to help with anxiety.  Liz admits she’s been painting again which helps.  Ewen says he has another patient that he can’t seem to help.  Liz asks, but Ewen claims confidentiality.  Ewen tells her about an art show happening that night and tells her she should check it out. 

Jason wants to get away, and go to the cabin, but Sam demands he tell her why he was at the hospital.  Jason explains about the test results.  Sam asks if he’ll need more surgery.  Jason assures her that the situation is being monitored.  Sam’s frustrated at the lack of news. She admits she thought about a miscarriage and then wonders if this is their last chance at a baby. 

Jason tells her to put away the ifs for the day and asks about symptoms.  Sam admits to morning sickness and says she would welcome all the changes if the baby was his.  She knows she needs to focus on that. 

Edward and Tracy are talking marriage when Michael shows up, to clean out Abby’s desk.  Ed offers his condolences. Tracy says she’s sorry she sent Abby to Chicago.  Michael says he pushed for it and the accident wasn’t Tracy’s fault.  Tracy says the original deal with Michael didn’t pan out.  Michael says the deal might be savable and he’ll write up a proposition for them.  He mentions another company that closed down points and is undervalued.  Tracy asks if he’s been studying the stock and Michael says he’s just passing on the information. 

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Alexis overhears Mac leave a voicemail for Maxie to call him. She commiserates that Kristina never returns calls either, but Maxie’s an adult living her own life.  Mac isn’t happy with the choice of men surrounding Maxie.  He says the choice is a computer geek or a selfish doctor.  Alexis says it’s not up to him. People love who they want.  She tells him to live life not for the children, but for someone you’re interested in.  Mac says maybe he’s interested in another person and Alexis backs off that.  She says she needs him to sign the release that the arson investigation is not looking at Sonny, so he can go ahead and demolish the property. 

Mac asks about a conflict of interest. Alexis thinks he’s talking about her working with Sonny. He says working for Sonny.  Alexis says she’ll call him and runs off.   

Molly tells TJ that lots of kids have reading problems.   TJ admits the words are jumbled and backwards.  Molly says there are special classes, but TJ figures he’ll just get someone to do the work for him.   Molly offers to keep his secret if he lets her teach him to read properly. 

Spinelli wonders if Matt will be jealous. Maxie assures him that he will be, especially if Spin keeps looking at her with those adoring eyes. When Matt shows up, she plays things up with Spinelli.  She asks about plans for the night, but Matt says he’s got a meeting with a potential patient.  Maxie says she’ll go out with Spin or stay in with their pajamas.  Matt doesn’t seem to care either way.   When Spin comes back Maxie assures him that their plan is working.

Kate asks Sonny if Dante was there about the shooting. However, Sonny tells her that Dante refused his donation to the hospital.  He asks to take her to dinner, but she says she’s going out of town.  Sonny wonders if she’s trying to avoid him.

Lulu shows up at Kelly’s and jokes with Shawn about the dog walking job.  Dante arrives and tells her about his visit with Sonny.  Lulu says his father is trying to have a relationship and that maybe it’s like with Luke and Lucky.  Dante doesn’t feel that, since Luke and Lucky have a past to fall back on.  Lulu explains about almost accepting the job back from Kate, but deciding she’s not a fashionista. 

TJ comes over to hit on Lulu, who introduces Dante as her husband.  Shawn gets rid of TJ and apologizes and explains about TJ’s situation.   Molly tells TJ that she has an idea and leaves.  He grabs her backpack with her laptop. 

Ewen stops by Dante’s table and says he thinks the stalker has a pattern of aggression. 

When Michael’s finished with Abby’s desk, he says goodbye to Edward and Tracy.  Edward says he wants Michael back at ELQ, that he made a contribution.  Michael says he’ll think about it.  When he leaves, Tracy tells her father that Michael has never shown an interest and to why bother.  Edward thinks he’s making a good decision. 

When matt gets back to the hospital, he’s surprised at Liz’s lighter mood.  His patient cancels on him and Liz assures him that he’ll still have a chance to help the person.  Matt asks her to dinner. 

Kate thinks Sonny is being controlling, but he says he just wants to know where she is because he cares.  She tells him where she’s going and that she’ll call him.  After she leaves, Sonny calls one of his men to follow Kate and tell him where she’s going.

Jason and Sam are checking out baby catalogues.  She’s worried that she doesn’t know anything about babies, but he says he has experience with Michael.  They get the call that the paternity results are in.