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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick wants to discuss the plans for their new house. However, Robin wants to put the plans on hold, until they know if the new protocol will work.  Patrick tells her to have faith that the new protocol will work.  Mac shows up, angry Robin didn’t tell him what was going on.  She explains about the new protocol.  He says that the night he found her on the bridge, she knew the truth then and didn’t tell him. Mac says he’ll be there for her and they hug. 

Olivia and Steven are making small talk when Maggie walks up. She asks for Steve’s help again.  Olivia snarks that Steve isn’t a peds doctor and Maggie’s taking him away from his own patients. Maggie feels it’s a community and they all help each other; Steve has the experience to benefit her patient.  After Maggie leaves, Olivia admits to Steven that Maggie gets under her skin, before she storms off. 

Ewen asks Shawn if he’s seen Cassandra. He complains about Ethan’s influence on her.  He mentions the assault charges, but Shawn assures him that Ethan wasn’t the one who attacked Kristina. He doesn’t believe Ethan would take advantage of Cassandra. 

Carly finds a drunk Johnny at his shop and tells him she’s checking up on him. She says she’s worried and that Sonny should have never told him the truth.  Johnny doesn’t believe she cares.  Carly says she understands his anger and hurt. She’s been in a similar situation and there’s nowhere for his emotions to go. 

Carly feels Johnny is a decent guy. He protected Michael.  Johnny wonders what he’s supposed to do now, since he can’t go to the Solitos and claim he’s one of them.  Carly says he’s not dealing with this well and to let her help him.  They kiss, until Olivia shows up and interrupts them. 

Sonny calls Kate and asks where she is.  She claims she’s in a hotel in Palm Beach, but turns around to find Sonny waiting for her in her hotel room in Chicago.  She claims she’s had a change of plans.  Sonny accuses her of making up a story and lying to him. He wants the truth. 

Kate says she’s offended that she has to explain anything to him.  She says she accepts him despite his job and that she knows there are questions she can’t ask him.  She says he has his business dealings and she has hers.  Sonny claims he doesn’t lie to her and that she’s hiding something and working hard to cover it up.  Kate says he has no right to track her movements.

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Kate natters on about how difficult it was for her to become Kate Howard, the dark lonely nights and wanting to call her mother.  Sonny says he won’t’ put up with her lying. 

Lulu and Dante meet Delores at Jake’s. They’re waiting for her husband to show up. Lulu thanks Delores for talking to her when Dante was shot and getting her to focus on the right things.  Delores finds it amusing that Lulu is thanking her for getting Lante together, while Olivia is accusing her of breaking them up.  The two women joke about Dante being such a child that his mother still does his laundry. 

Alexis and Diane show up at Jake’s. Coleman flirts shamelessly.  Alexis keeps asking for ice and complains to Diane that she can’t remember things, gets tired, angry and is always hot.   Ewen shows up, asking Coleman if he’s seen Cassandra.  Alexis asks how things are going with his patient, but Ewen seems distracted.  Dante introduces him to Lulu and asks for more information for the profile.  Ewen says the stalker wants to get caught and then weirdly stalks off.  Methinks Ewen is about to be exposed as the stalker.

After Carly leaves, Olivia wonders why Johnny is playing with fire by messing with Sonny’s ex.  He asks if she’s there because of car troubles. Olivia says yes. When she looks for a wrench, she has a dizzy spell.  She claims it’s nothing and then explains that she’s angry because of Maggie.  Johnny asks if she believes what Steve has been telling her. 

Johnny says Steve isn’t as noble as she thinks.  Olivia wonders why he’s trying to rile her up and make her accuse Steve of sleeping with Maggie.  She says Johnny is miserable and wants her to be as well. She can smell the liquor on his breath.  Olivia says she doesn’t recognize him anymore. He’s lashing out for kicks and she won’t be his punching bag anymore.  Methinks Olivia should shut it, since she showed up uninvited and didn’t bother asking Johnny what was wrong.

Carly goes to Kelly’s to see how Shawn is doing.  He mentions being offered an after school teaching job, but Carly denies setting it up for him.  He asks about her getting involved with Johnny.  She sidesteps, then asks about TJ.  He says he hopes he’s up for the challenge and then asks Carly out.  Carly says she doesn’t need a bodyguard anymore, but Shawn says go out like on a date, when she’s ready. 

Delores gets a call from her husband that he’s not showing up.  Lulu and Dante want her to stay, but she says she’d be the third wheel. She tells them to enjoy themselves.  She pulls  a form out of her purse, an application for a file clerk for the evidence room, that she was going to get her husband to fill out, but leaves it with lulu.  Dante asks if Lulu will apply. Lulu figures it will give her money while she’s looking for what she really wants.  Outside, someone follows Delores. 

Steve tells Maggie that it’s over between them, the case was ruled.  Maggie says people are still looking into the case and it’s still a crime.  Steve mentions them not being the only ones to know. Maggie warns him that he can’t tell Olivia the truth, especially since her son is a cop.  Maggie says he shouldn’t burden Olivia with it.  Olivia arrives to see them holding hands before Maggie walks away.  Olivia storms over to Steve and demands to know what he’s done that she doesn’t know about. 

Diane understands all of Alexis’ symptoms and declares it’s menopause. Alexis thinks it just means she’s closer to death than birth. Diane’s take is that she can have all the sex she wants without fear of pregnancy. She jokes that even Sonny’s mighty warriors wouldn’t succeed.  Mac overhears them talking about sex. 

Sonny says he deserves the truth and wants to know why Kate’s in Chicago.  She admits she lied about where she was going and that she came to meet someone.  Sonny asks if it’s a guy.  Kate cries and says yes.   Methinks it’s going to be a child and not another lover.  Heaven forbid she should be doing something interesting, like working undercover for the WSB.