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RUMOR REPORT: Has Jack Wagner Been Taken OFF CONTRACT at The Bold and the Beautiful?!

Mark this one under rumors we sincerely hope prove untrue! Sources have tipped off Daytime Confidential that popular soap hunk Jack Wagner has been taken off contract at CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. Wagner has played the role of Ridge Forrester's (Ron Moss) hunky, sailor half brother Nick Marone since 2003.


"Jack learned late last week his contract was being terminated," says the source. "He had signed a multi-year extension less than 6 months ago, but apparently they [B&B] have the power to void it during certain intervals."

According to one insider, B&B could have simply exercised a 26-week out clause in Wagner's contract. Additionally, Wagner was said to have told several people at a recent concert at the Mohegan Sun that he had been fired from B&B.

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"He sort of saw the writing on the wall after what happened to [Brandon] Beemer and Leslie [Anne Down]," one setsider surmises. "They're writing out that whole Marone family."

The source goes on to reveal Wagner was offered to continue with the show—on a recurring basis—but only if he opted not to pursue work on other daytime serials.

"B&B said he can become recurring at much less money, and also cannot appear on any other daytime show, so that looks to be a dealbreaker," says a source. "Jack hasn't had a legit story in years and has been wasted on this show. General Hospital may be a possiblity now with a new regime in there bringing back all the old favorites—Tristan Rogers, Finola Hughes, Rick Springfield— in an effort to boost ratings."

DC reached out to The Bold and Beautfiful for comment. Keep checking back as this story develops.