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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam is angry that they have to wait an extra day to get the results, because Kelly was in surgery.  She says she won’t be able to sleep, it will the hardest night of her life.  Sam admits she's been having dreams.  Some bad with Franco, but some good, with a baby and Jason, then she wakes up.  Sam says they'll need to make a decision once they know if the baby isn't Jason's.  Sam says she’d never make a decision without his input.  Jason tells her they’ll take it all one step at a time and deal with whatever comes.  Sam gets a call from Kelly that she can give them the results tonight. 

Olivia insists Steve tell her what's going on with Maggie.  Steve claims nothing is going on.  Maggie approaches and says they are hiding something. She says she thought she and Steve could start up something again, but Steve made it clear he was only interested in Olivia. 

Maggie says she doesn’t want to cause problems. They got off on the wrong foot.  Olivia reminds her of the kiss. Steve is surprised Olivia saw that, but didn’t say anything to him.  Maggie says she hopes they can get past it. Olivia tells Steven that the kiss bothered her, because she wants him to be all hers. 

Alexis complains about her various body changes, but Diane just wants her to keep Mac company.   Mac tells them he’s dealing with someone close to him with an illness. Alexis commiserates, remembering when Kristina was sick.  Alexis gets drinks from Coleman who claims she blushes around Mac. 

Coleman talks of a strip pool rematch and Mac’s all for it.  Alexis isn’t, until Diane blackmails her into it by saying she’ll tell everyone she’s going through menopause.  Diane ends up half naked again, as does Mac.  Coleman thinks Diane loses on purpose and that Alexis is hustling them all.  Mac wants another drink, but Diane offers to drive him home.  Coleman tells Alexis that she blew it with Mac. 

Lulu asks Dante about Delores’ husband, but he says he doesn’t know much. He thinks they have their problems.  Delores is attacked in the alley.  She tries to fight him off, but eventually he's scared off by the lights of a passing car.  When Lante leave the bar, they find Delores. She’s angry that she wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see the guy.  Lulu asks about going after strippers, but Dante thinks Delores was targeted specifically because she’s the cop on the case. 

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Sonny insists Kate tell him the truth.  She's says she's been seeing another man, but it turns out it's a psychiatrist.  Sonny doesn’t understand why she would lie to him.  Kate says she hasn’t told anyone. After all she’s done to transform herself, she doesn’t want people to see her out of control.  She says she’s been good at hiding things and is always filled with anxiety. 

Sonny wonders what she’s afraid of. Kate feels she isn’t happy despite the transformation.  Sonny asks if the shrink knows about him. She admits he’s the number one topic of conversation.  He’s surprised she’d fly all the way to Chicago, just to see a shrink.  He says he wants them to continue their relationship, but won’t if it hurts her too much. 

Kate says she wants things to work out between them.  Sonny asks if the doctor is helping and she says feels calmer after she sees him, and that the hardest part was admitting she had a problem.  The two kiss and after they make love, she leaves him sleeping. 

Ethan and Cassandra hang out at the Haunted Star. They talk about boring stuff, like being a con artist and why she’s so drawn to Windemere.  Eventually they head back to Windemere, where Ethan declares he’s falling in love with her. He doesn’t care who she used to be, he wants them to start over together.  Ethan gets a text to meet Luke at the Star, so he leaves. When he gets to the Star, no one is there.  Meanwhile, Helena confronts Cassandra. 

Lante take Delores to the hospital to be checked out.  Lulu and Olivia hang out, while Dante checks on Delores.  Olivia says she doesn’t trust Delores. She watched Dante growing up, attracting women and knows the signs.  Lulu defends Dante, saying he and Delores are just partners and that she could be friends with Delores.  She mentions the possible job at the PCPD. Olivia tells her to take it, while she watches Steve and Maggie argue across the room. 

Delores is fine and says she’ll take a cab home, despite Dante’s offer to take her.  He tells her not to worry. They’ll catch the guy, since he’s now gone after one of their own.  Lulu doesn’t seem happy with that comment. 

Kelly shows up at the penthouse with the results.  She tells JaSam that they’re almost 100% accurate and knows who the father is. 

Wouldn’t it be funny, if after Kelly said that Franco wasn’t’ the father. She got all Maury Povich on them and declared, “Jason Morgan, you are NOT the father”.  And then Jason would knock over a couch and Sam would run off backstage, crying and hugging herself as she rocked back and forth and some stage hands tried to get her back onstage.  No?  Just me?