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Sheryl Underwood: "I Love Everybody on Every Soap"

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The Talk’sSheryl Underwood will appear as a guest on The Young and the Restless on February 10. TV Guide’sMichael Logan caught up with the talk show host and asked about her love for soaps and her upcoming Y&R debut.

TV Guide Magazine: How far back do you go with Y&R?

Underwood: Waaay back, baby. Back to when David Hasselhoff was Snapper and Mrs. Chancellor was the baddest bitch on TV. She was doing fight scenes long before Alexis and Crystal on Dynasty. Oooh! Remember when John fell in love with Mamie, his black housekeeper, but it was too scandalous so she was given a million dollars and sent away on an ocean cruise? Remember when Drucilla was doped up on cough medicine and Malcolm had sex with her?  Love! This! Show! I love The Bold and the Beautiful. I love John McCook. I love Susan Flannery.  I love everybody on every soap. I love SoapNet. I'm a fanatic!

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