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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Hope and John Are HITCHED!

John/Hope: Kids, the two discover they are married! Bo and Hope open up the mysterious envelope from Grandma Horton and are stunned by this development. They wonder if they are being hustled by Stefano, since Hope's "marriage" to John happened while she was acting as Princess Gina. Fancy Face and her man tell everything to Doc and John, who are both shocked and decide to figure out what to do.


They decide to get an annulment and consult Carrie. She tells them they can't get an annulment since John and Hope consummated their marriage while she thought she was Gina. She also tells them divorce won't be easy for them since Alamainia has different set of rules when it comes to marriage. In order to be granted a divorce, they must live in Alamainia for two weeks and file in the country— WITHOUT Bo and Marlena!

Rafe: He goes to Kayla for advice on his marriage.

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