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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kelly tells JaSam that their baby is healthy and developing normally. Sam asks about the paternity and Kelly says Jason is the father.  Sam and Jason are thrilled that the baby is theirs.  Kelly asks if they want to know the gender.   Jason leaves the decision to Sam, who decides she doesn’t care the gender so long as the baby is healthy. 

After Kelly leaves, the two hug. Jason says she doesn’t have to think about that night ever again, the baby is all theirs.  He’s happy to see her smile again.  Sam says they need to start learning stuff, but he just wants to sit there with her.  

Cassandra tells Helena to drop the dramatics. She wonders why she was trained to destroy other’s lives.  Helena counters that she gave Cass every advantage and her disrespect is tiresome.  Cassandra accuses Helena of locking her away from everything and everyone. Helena says no one was supposed to know she existed. 

Kate slips back into the room to find Sonny up and waiting for her. He wonders where she went.  Kate says she was down in the bar working on things and she’s worried about people finding out about the therapy.  Sonny makes a joke about having a threesome with her and Connie. Kate snaps that he needs to figure out which one of them he wants.  Sonny says he was only joking and to take it easy, that he just wants her.  

Maxie and Spinelli show up at the hospital, determined to make Matt jealous and kiss in hopes he’ll see.  Matt spots them but not the kiss and asks about their night at the movies.  Maxie asks about Matt’s patient and Matt admits that his patient cancelled but he didn’t want to interrupt her plans with Spinelli.  Liz arrives with the menu of an Italian restaurant that they were at. Maxie asks if they met there. Matt says they went together, which makes Maxie angry. 

Ethan leaves a voice message for Luke and then Ewen shows up looking for Cassandra. Ewen says he has a feeling something’s off.  Ethan asks why rent Windemere and to cut Cass loose.  Ewen claims she makes him do things without realizing it.  Ethan asks about having her committed, but Ewen claims she isn’t a danger to anyone.  Ethan mentions the initials IC that Cass always writes out. He points out that the C could stand for Cassadine. 

Ethan says he’s intrigued by Cassandra’s purity and warns Ethan to stay away again.

Maxie complains that Matt could have called her. He reminds her that she was playing games with Spinelli and that he doesn’t have time for it.  Maxie claims she only plays games when things are important to her.  Maxie is sorry his patient cancelled on him. She asks about joining him at that restaurant.  He doesn’t think it’s her style and she snarks that it’s Liz. 

Liz asks Spinelli if he was in on the whole jealousy plan. She points out that Maxie is only playing him.  Spin says he’s aware of Maxie’s blind spot and he’s not like everyone else.  Liz says Maxie has no idea how lucky she is to have him truly accept her and that Matt doesn’t want to play games.  Spin asks what she wants, saying she surely knows about Matt’s feelings for her. 

Liz swears she has no feelings for Matt, other than a friend and colleague. She just doesn’t want to see him hurt.  Spin says he doesn’t want to see Maxie hurt either.  Liz thinks he wants Mataxie to break up so he can be there to dry Maxie’s tears and fall back in love with him.  Spin doesn’t deny that.  He says he’s doing research and shows the picture of Cassandra that he has on his phone. He mentions that she’s patient of Ewen’s and that they’re staying at Windemere together.  Liz finds that odd, seeing as there are so many weird things out there. 

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Spinelli asks if she ever found out who her savior was.  Liz finds it strange that whoever would go to the trouble of saving her than leaving her without help.  Spin thinks maybe it’s someone who couldn’t come forward and reminds her that someone murdered Lisa that night.  Liz mentions the first mate being responsible, but Spin says she only took the fall. 

Helena says that she’s held Cassandra in reserve, until the right moment.  Cassandra is surprised that Helena is still going ahead with her plan. She says it was supposed to be Lucky, but he’s gone now.  Helena says there are still Spencers to choose from, including Luke.  She wants to make them all pay for losing her children.  Cass snarks that she shouldn’t pretend to be maternal.  Helena says she adored Stavros and despite Stephan’s shortcomings, he did make Luke miserable.  She says it’s now Cass’ turn and doesn’t want to be disappointed. 

Helena asks why Cassandra slashed the painting. Cass says it would have been better to slash the real thing.  Helena doesn’t understand how Laura could have destroyed so many men, since she was a nothing.  Helena says she’s ready to move in for the kill.

Cassandra says she’s met Luke and he’s suspicious of her.  Helena wants to take their plan to the next level and says Cass is here to play a part.  Helena says Cass is here to destroy her enemies and to stop complaining.  Helena grabs Cass around the neck, saying death is still an option for her.  Cassandra steps out of it, saying she’s not afraid of death, even if Helena is. 

Helena complains that the job isn’t finished yet. Cass says it has to be gradual and she’s being smart.  Helena warns her not to fall for Ethan, he’s a Spencer and only a pawn in her game.  Cassandra says Ethan is a good person and doesn’t deserve this.  Helena warns that she’ll be waiting and watching. Cassandra should focus on the task and play Ethan for all his worth, lure him into the trap he deserves.  When she leaves, Cassandra cries. 

Kate says she was making notes about the benefit that Sonny wants to put on for the donation to the pulmonary wing, in Dante’s name.  As she’s handing him the napkins with the notes. She finds one that says, “Call Me. Marc.” with a phone number. She seems surprised by it and hides it from Sonny.  Why am I suddenly smelling a split personality story here. 

Sonny’s happy that she’s helping with the benefit. He’s hoping Dante will come around.  Kate tells him to give Dante a break, it’s easier for Sonny to accept Dante’s job than the reverse.  Sonny wants Dante to see the real him and not his career choice.  Kate suddenly decides she needs to go home right now.

Sonny’s surprised and jokes that he wants them to take advantage of the hotel room, pretend they’re two strangers meeting.  Kate snarks that he wants to treat her like a sleazy pick up. He tells her not to be so touchy.  She says she needs to get back to plan their event. 

Matt tells Maxie that he’s tired of all the game playing.  She agrees to total honesty.  He gets paged, so he walks away. However, not before he says he wants to know the truth about her involvement with Anthony.  

When Ewen returns to the hospital, Liz asks him about the art show and whether he wants to go with her.  Ewen agrees to go and mentions that it’s waterscapes.  This triggers Liz memory of being carried to shore. 

Sonny apologizes for ambushing Kate and thinking she was cheating on him.  He swears he’s not trying to change her, but that sometimes it’s fun to see Connie come out.  Kate looks angry at that, but then tells him she’ll meet him in the lobby.  Alone, she takes out the napkin with the phone number, looks upset and then crumples it up.