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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kate and Sonny are at the Metro Court restaurant making plans for the Make Dante Love Me Benefit.  Sonny whines that Dante’s convinced he is trying to buy his way into his son’s heart.  Kate reminds Sonny that he is, but Sonny claims he only wants to help people and show gratitude to the doctors that saved Dante’s life.  Talk turns to Kate telling the truth about seeing a shrink and she looks uncomfortable with that.

Talk turns to Jax and Sonny tells Kate that he’s been tracking Jax and has found him.  He says he makes it a point to keep tabs on his enemies.  Kate reminds him that Jax isn’t his enemy, but that his kids love and respect him.  Sonny accuses Jax of blaming him for all that’s wrong in his life.  Kate asks what Sonny will do now that he knows and that he should let it go.  Sonny says it’s very hard for him not to do what he wants to do.  Kate says she needs to tell him something, but he gets a call and leaves. 

Delores is hanging out by the evidence room as Dante shows Lulu around.  Lulu says she hasn’t been hired yet, but is considering the job.  Delores is still angry that she was distracted and didn’t see her attacker.  She feels she let everyone down. 

Michaels’s sitting at Kelly’s, looking at Abby’s love notes in his date book.  Shawn tells him that he cares about Carly. She’s hurt that Michael isn’t talking to her.  I say Shawn needs to mind his own beeswax.  Carly comes in, dragging TJ with her. She tells Shawn that she caught TJ at the Metro Court, charging people for handling their luggage.  TJ wants Carly to hire him, but Shawn drags him off for a chat. Carly spots Michael.

Michael tells him mother that he won’t be going to work for Johnny, which Carly is grateful for.  She says she heard that he forgave Jason for the lie about Jax and asks for forgiveness as well.  She says she didn’t want him and Morgan to choose between Jax and Sonny. It was the only way to keep Jax safe.  Michael says he understands and forgives her. 

Robin tells Patrick that her latest tests results show the new protocol is working and her HIV is under control.  The two hug and kiss in celebration.  Robin feels that she wants to cut back on her hours, to spend more time with Emma. She’s been given a new lease on life.  Patrick doesn’t want her to lose her dream of helping people and they need to manage their time better.  They’re heading out to spend time together, when Patrick gets called into emergency surgery. 

Spinelli shows up at Johnny’s, asking for information on Anthony and his sudden interest in Maxie.  This is news to Johnny and Spin explains about Anthony’s goon keeping an eye on Maxie.  Spin wants to know the connection between them, and Johnny tells him to ask Maxie.  Spin admits that Maxie isn’t always truthful and figures Johnny might be willing to help. 

Johnny says he’s always liked Maxie and liked Spixie together. He wonders if Spin is trying to save Maxie, so she’ll fall back in love with him.  Spin swears he only cares about Maxie’s safety, happiness and he’s worried about her.  Johnny thinks the only thing his father and Maxie have in common is the night Lisa died.  Spin doesn’t understand since he thinks Anthony wasn’t on the boat that night.  Johnny says Anthony is good at keeping secrets. Spin wonders why Johnny is suddenly calling his father by his name.  Johnny offers to ask around but warns Spin to stay focused on Maxie. 

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Matt goes to Crimson to talk to Maxie.  He tells her that she needs to let the Liz thing go.  Matt swears Liz is only a friend and co-worker, but she understands him and his research.  Maxie says she doesn’t want to lose him.  She blames her selfishness on her mother. She doesn’t want to be like her.  Maxie asks if they can make up by going out to dinner. 

Liz and Ewen go do dinner after the art show. The two discuss art and him being a psychiatrist and her children. Liz asks about him staying at Windemere. He tells her a little about Cassandra and that he doesn’t know how to help her.  Matt and Maxie show up. Liz explains that they went to the art show.  Ewen says Liz invited him, which seems to make Matt angry. Maxie drags him off. 

Ewen wonders why Liz felt the need to explain her actions to Matt.  Maxie jabbers on to Matt until she realizes that he’s focused on Liz`s table.  Liz jokes with Ewen, but notices Matt watching her.  Maxie asks why he keeps looking over there, but Matt says there’s something about Ewen that bothers him. 

Shawn tells TJ that he’s lucky Carly caught him and not the police.  TJ asks about Carly. Shawn admits he was her bodyguard and more. He mentions Carly being Sonny’s ex, which intrigues TJ. He spots Carly and Michael talking.  

Lulu is sure the job is good to have while she decides what to do next and it will bring in some money.  Dante tells her not to worry about money.  She asks if he regrets giving back Sonny’s check. However, Dante says his father was trying to buy his love, just like with the wing at the hospital.  Lulu agrees with this but also says it’s for a good cause but that Sonny can’t buy Dante’s love, he has to give it. 

Lulu’s happy that she’ll be working at the station so she can spend more time with Dante.  They joke about her not making him a lunch.  Dante explains that some of the boxes contain old cold cases. Lulu thinks maybe she’ll find something interesting in them. 

Carly swears she would never hurt Michael.  He apologizes for ambushing her on New Year’s Eve.  She forgives him and says she’s proud of him.  When she heads out, Shawn thanks her for not calling the cops on TJ.  She offers him good luck with TJ. 

TJ goes over to Michael and asks if he’s the gangster’s son and can he help TJ get into the business, since he’s looking for a job.  Michael says TJ doesn’t know anything about Sonny’s business and wonders about the connection with Shawn.  TJ says Shawn owes him. Michael tells him that he doesn’t want to end up in a prison cell like he was, for manslaughter.  Shawn drags TJ off to do some work. 

Johnny finds Delores hanging out by the evidence room again.  He says Ronnie called him in for questioning with the pier explosion.  He brushes her hair to see the bruise from her attack and says he heard she got jumped.  She wonders how, since that information wasn’t released.  Johnny says he hears a lot of things. He’s not the enemy and may be the best friend she’s got.  Delores says she doesn’t need his help.

Johnny says he wants to make her life easier. He spoke to her landlord and that her place is now rent controlled.  Delores says she doesn’t take bribes and that he’s trying to compromise her.  Johnny says it’s perfectly legal and that with Sonny being Dante’s father, she’s already compromised.  Johnny says he has ways of finding information that her cop buddies can’t.  He says he knows about her sister Rosa, and how the case was never closed. 

Kate tells Carly that she needs to make changes to the Metro Court.  Carly says the Crimson lease is up soon and maybe Kate will not want to renew and go elsewhere.  Kate says she’d rather expand, maybe add a showroom and someplace to throw benefits and bring in a better crowd.  Carly says she isn’t interested in Kate’s crowd and Kate can just buy her own hotel.  Kate says she does own a hotel, this one.