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Is There Already Trouble in Paradise for Y&R's Victor and Nikki?

Child, just when you think Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) are finally back on track, one of them screws it all up. MTS gives TV Guide's Michael Logan the 411 on what torpedos the supercouple's relationship this time around.  Keep reading after the jump!


TV Guide Magazine: We're loving this umpteenth Victor-Nikki reunion! Who's going to screw it up this time?

Thomas Scott: Victor does the whole Valentine's thing, bringing in a pianist and a violinist, candles and champagne, which of course leads to sex. They're madly in love. But Nikki will find out he lied to her about his involvement in the Chelsea-Anita scam and she leaves him. Just like that. Over! Pow! Nikki gets her s--t together and says, "I can't stay here anymore. I'm done!"

TVGuide Magazine: Then what? Nikki goes back to the bottle?

Thomas Scott: As we know, it's never really over for Victor and Nikki but it's my guess she'll get hooked up with Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman] again and they'll probably marry. She's visiting him in the hospital every day and being a really good friend. [Laughs] We all know where that leads! When Peter and I first saw those scripts we could read between the lines. But it's just my speculation.

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