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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kate tells Carly that she owns half the hotel, because Jax reached out to her.  Carly is shocked Jax would approach Kate and not her. She figures it’s payback.  Carly says she needs to talk to Jax.  Kate says she doesn’t know where he is and everything is legal.  Kate says she won’t be a silent partner. Carly insists she won’t share her hotel with Kate. 

Ethan brings Cassandra a bag of food and wants to experiment with a sense memory exercise.  They try some different food.  Ethan hears a noise in the tunnels and decides to check it out. However, Cassandra claims she had a memory, to stop him for going in.  She describes it and makes it a sad memory. Ethan apologizes for making her remember something bad.  Cassandra assures him she didn’t hear any noise in the passageway and says she feels safe with him. 

Shawn drops TJ off at Alexis’ house to study with Molly. He still thinks he’s bitten off more than he can chew in raising TJ. Diane shows up in time to see Shawn and is impressed.  After Shawn leaves, Diane says she’s brought a book for Alexis on menopause.  Alexis says she’s read them all.  Diane tells her it’s all about attitude and that she did something last night. 

Alexis wants to know what Diane did after she left Jake’s with Mac.  Diane says she took him home to bed.  Alexis doesn’t want Diane to take advantage of Mac.  Diane says Mac appreciated it and reminds her to read the book, since it’s her only company. 

Molly and TJ study in her room. She’s downloaded several chapters of the book he has to read onto his iPod for him to listen to.  After he’s finished, the two discuss the book and his interest in it.  He thanks her and tells her that he friend requested her and they talk about changing molly into someone more interesting and make a new profile for her online. 

Robin and Maggie talk.  Maggie asks about Robin’s patient. Robin asks if Maggie is settling in ok.  She asks about Maggie and Steve. She says she had some concerns in the beginning, because of their personal history, and the way they look at each other. 

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Jason and Sam are enjoying their time at the cabin.  He tells her that she’s safe now.  She says she’s feeling peaceful, but wants to make sure everything is okay with him.  Sam says their world will change and wonders if they’re ready.  They kiss.  Sam says they’ll need to make time for each other.  Jason goes out to get them some food, but when he gets back Sam gets nauseous every time she looks at some of it. 

Olivia catches Carly and Kate arguing and is shocked to hear why.  Carly asks how Sonny took the news. Kate admits she hasn’t told him yet.  Kate says her business interests have nothing to do with Sonny.  Ahh Kate…so pretty and yet, so stupid.  Olivia asks why she’d want to get into the hotel business.  Carly says it’s to spite her and warns Kate better not try to mess with her hotel.  Shawn interrupts and drags Carly away. 

Olivia wonders what it’s really about. Kate insists that the opportunity arose, so she took it.  Olivia realizes that Kate hasn’t told Sonny yet. She saw Jax and says Sonny will think Kate betrayed him like Brenda did.  Olivia says Sonny will freak out, Kate can’t have things her way and still be with Sonny.  She says Sonny has his own rules.  Kate says she has her own rules too. Sonny doesn’t control every aspect of her life. 

Kate changes the subject to Steve.  Olivia says things are moving forward and Kate asks if that was Steve’s idea or hers.   Olivia turns it back, saying this will be a knife in Sonny’s back but Kate says they have their own interests.  Olivia wonders who Kate is trying to sabotage, but things will not end well. 

Maggie finds Steve frustrated. He explains having worked on a patient who’ll end up in rehab and that he did everything he could.  Maggie warns him not to go off the rails and says Robin has already started asking questions.  She says people can read the fear and guilt on his face but that time heals all wounds.  Steve says he wonders if they should give themselves up.

Maggie says it wouldn’t accomplish anything and they can do good as doctors.  Steve says the secret is eating him alive.  Maggie says they made their choice and they’re in this together, but she tells him to talk to her if it gets to be too much. 

Mac stops by to see Robin, who tells him the good medical news.  He doesn’t understand why she was so ready to give up.  Robin says everything was going so well, she expected something bad to happen in exchange.    Mac says he was so worried about her that he found a way to escape.  Robin wonders what he did and Mac says he played a little pool. 

Carly wonders why Jax would do this to her and why he didn’t offer his half to her.  Shawn says Jax is not coming back and Carly should sign the divorce papers.  Carly asks what’s the rush.  Shawn asks what’s stopping her? She shouldn’t cling to the past. 

Kate says she has ideas for Sonny’s party.  Carly feels she has ideas too and thinks Sonny should know that Kate went behind his back to Jax.  Kate says it’s between her and Sonny and to stay out of it.  Carly says she’s not keeping secrets and that since they’re planning his party, he should know.  Carly warns Kate to tell Sonny by tomorrow or she will.  Kate grabs Carly’s arm and warns Carly not to threaten her.  Carly says Sonny will know Kate betrayed him.