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All My Children Legend Darnell Williams Debuts as "Sarge" on Young and Restless Feb. 20!


All My Children legend Darnell Williams' (ex-Jesse) new Young and Restless character finally has a name and a first airdate. Look for Sarge, played by Williams, to arrive in Genoa City on Feb. 20.

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When I first heard the name, I wanted to start ranting and raving, that is until I remembered this is the same show that gave us a Snapper and a Cricket, and is the sister soap of a show that gave us a Ridge, a Thorne and a Storm. At least the Bells are equal opportunity in handing out silly names! Speaking of characters with goofy names, are you excited to see Sarge mix it up with Harmony (Debbi Morgan) and the rest of Genoa City?