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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam’s relieved about the baby, but wonders if Jason could have raised Franco’s baby. Jason says it doesn’t matter anymore and they’ll be fine.  Sam’s concerned for his heath. She says the baby needs him. Sam continues to have morning sickness. 

Carly shows up at Sonny’s office, ready to tell him about the new hotel ownership. However, Kate arrives and insists on talking to Sonny alone.  Once Carly leaves, Sonny figures he won’t like what Kate is about to tell him.  Kate says she’s the new co-owner of the hotel.  Sonny asks if it came from Carly. Kate admits that Jax signed over his half to her. 

Kate says she ran into Jax at the airport by coincidence. Sonny wonders why he should believe her.  Kate says they’re business partners only. She reminds him Jax helped her start up Crimson, which is still a sore spot for Sonny.  He asks how long ago this happened. She says it’s been a few weeks. He gets angrier, because she’s only telling him now.  Kate asks what he would have done if he knew where Jax was.

Sonny asks why she would take Jax up on his offer. She says it was a good business move.  Sonny says Jax could have sold it to Carly, but he wanted to stick it to Sonny so went to Kate.  Sonny says he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with Jax once he found him, but now he does.  Kate tells him not to use her as an excuse to do something he’s always wanted to do. 

Patrick takes Robin to the lot where they’re going to build their dream house. He discusses the layout to her.  They both feel blessed with their lives now and are happy that they are going ahead with the house.  Patrick says he understands that she didn’t tell him about her illness before, so as not to worry him.  Robin says she’s concerned about Jason and the swelling on his brain.  Patrick assures her that he’ll go over Jason’s file with her and figure out their next step. 

Spinelli wants to take Maxie snowboarding, to make Matt jealous.  Maxie says the jealousy isn’t working. She figures Liz needs her own man so she’ll stop paying attention to Matt.  She thinks Liz is using Ewen to get Matt’s attention, but Spin disagrees.  Maxie’s annoyed that Matt watched Liz and Ewen during their dinner. She decides Liz and Ewen need a romantic push and heads out. 

Liz thanks Ewen for going to the art show with her.  She can’t imagine having her art exhibited like that, but Ewen assures her that it could happen.  Matt overhears and snarks out Ewen. 

Anthony runs into Johnny on the docks and tells him the Solitos are sniffing around; they need to protect what’s theirs.  Johnny’s not happy with Anthony’s involvement in the business. Anthony isn’t happy with Johnny’s attitude towards him.  Anthony reminds him that he shot a cop for him. 

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Johnny decides Anthony is nothing to him and doesn’t need to protect him anymore.  He wants to drag Anthony to the PCPD. However, Anthony warns him that when he’s reckless and he makes bad decision.  Johnny figures every cop in town will want a piece of Anthony for shooting Dante.  Anthony says Johnny is a mess and he’s asking his enemies to come after him. He’s worried about Johnny’s mental state.  He understands that Johnny has had a shock, regarding Claudia.  Johnny gets angry, hearing her name, and grabs Anthony, ready to throw him in the water.  Carly shows up and tells Johnny to stop it. 

Carly says she’s now an eyewitness. She doesn’t want to have to lie to the police to protect Johnny.  Johnny lets Anthony go and Carly tells him to leave.  Johnny notices the divorce papers she dropped and asks her about it.  Carly says Jax is moving on and so is she.  She asks if he was really going to kill Anthony and Johnny says he doesn’t need her help. 

Carly tells him he has a conscience and a soul. It doesn’t matter who raised him, he doesn’t want to be like Anthony.  Johnny feels he has no choice. Carly says he’s questioning everything right now, but not to go down a path of no return.  Johnny says Claudia always stopped him when he walking the edge of the line.  Carly says not to canonize Claudia. She loved him, but did terrible things.  Johnny wonders why Carly cares about him. 

Matt feels Ewen’s pick up lines are lame. However, Liz says Ewen knows a lot about art and it wasn’t a come on.  She asks if Matt is jealous.  Matt swears he isn’t jealous, but feels Ewen is being unprofessional. Liz says she was never his patient and they aren’t really dating.  She reminds Matt that he told her to get over Lucky, but now he has a problem with it.  Matt says he has a problem if she gets hurt. 

Maxie finds Ewen at the hospital and tells him that he should be with Liz. She says he needs a push in that direction and she’s the one giving it to him.  Ewen thinks she’s wacky and gives her his card.  Maxie insists she doesn’t need a shrink, but wants him to step things up with Liz, so Liz will leave Matt alone. 

Matt overhears and is angry with Maxie.  He tells her to stop her vendetta against Liz.  Maxie says he started it and she sees the way that he looks at Liz.  Matt says he’s worried because of Ewen being inappropriate, and that he rubs Matt the wrong way.  Maxie doesn’t care and Matt decides he can’t do this anymore.  Maxie’s shocked that he wants to break up.   

Anthony runs into Spinelli at Kelly’s. Spin tells him to call off the guard watching over Maxie.  Spin says now that he’s moved in, he’ll be watching over Maxie.  Anthony says he’s keeping Maxie safe and he has no intention of calling off the guard. 

Liz apologizes to Ewen for Matt’s behavior. She again says she had a good time at the art show and Ewen says he enjoyed it as well.  She asks if they can do it again, but Ewen brushes her off and leaves.

Sam and Jason get home. Jason offers to cook her a meal.  Sam says she’ll get used to being waited on hand and foot.  She said that it wasn’t like this from the moment they found out she was pregnant. Franco robbed them of so much.  He assures her that Franco is gone.  The camera pans out to a package on their balcony.  Sam heads upstairs to change before dinner. Jason has an episode and almost passes out.  

Kate storms into her home, angry about Sonny.  Then she unlocks her closet and takes out her bloody wedding dress and looks at it.  Sonny picks up the phone and calls her, but she doesn’t answer.  Kate gets an odd expression on her face and starts to put on make up and transform herself.