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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam gets a bunch of voice messages from Alexis, but wants to keep the baby news just between her and Jason a little longer.   Sam asks if he wants a boy or a girl. However, either one is fine with Jason.  Sam wants to go out to the balcony, but the door is stuck. She heads out to see Alexis, while Jason continues to work on the door. 

Carly takes Johnny home and notices the piano is missing.  Johnny says he got rid of it. It was a gift from Anthony and it had too many memories of Claudia.  Carly wonders if it’s smart to get rid of something that keeps him calm. However, Johnny doesn’t want to be calm.  Carly says she understands the anger, having been angry about being adopted and wreaking havoc on Bobbie’s life. 

Johnny says it’s not the same as having been lied to. Carly says Claudia loved him and not to let the anger fest until it destroys him and everyone around him.  Johnny thinks its what he deserves for loving Claudia, since she was responsible for Michael’s coma and prison term.  Carly says Claudia was a manipulative bitch, but she doesn’t want Johnny to ruin his life. 

Johnny thinks Carly feels responsible. She guiltily asks why he would think that. Johnny says she always blames herself when Sonny goes off the handle and feels she needs to clean up his messes. 

Matt’s tired of defending his relationship with Elizabeth, but Maxie feels Liz has turned him against her.  Matt says he doesn’t want to break up, but they can’t fight anymore. He can’t take her paranoia.  Maxie mentions Liz putting Matt’s job on the line when he helped her with Lucky’s drug case.  Matt says at least Liz listens to him and gives a damn. 

Maxie complains that Matt’s always at the hospital. He asks if she’s jealous of his patients now too.  Matt doesn’t like that she’s so insecure and can’t handle his friendship with Liz, who’s easy to have a conversation with.  Maxie tells him to admit that he has feelings for Liz, but Matt says he doesn’t have to compete for her attention.  Maxie says Liz makes her look like a shrew.  Matt says he’s tired of defending himself all the time, since she always thinks he’s lying to her. Maybe they shouldn’t be together.  Matt declares them over. 

Liz and Cam are eating at Kelly’s, but he’s not paying attention to her.  She gets angry and takes his game away. He snarks that daddy let him play with it.  Ewen shows up and the two discuss Cam’s bad attitude since Lucky left.  Ewen says Cam is testing her and she needs to set clear boundaries.

Liz talks about losing Jake, jumping back into work too soon, Cam being angry with her and how she doesn’t know how to help him.  Ewen assures her that things will get better and holds Liz’s hand.  Liz talks about needing Lucky and how she needs to look elsewhere for help now.  She knows her problems wouldn’t all disappear if Lucky came back and that she needs to move on. 

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Ewen tells her to shatter her past and open herself to new possibilities.  They talk about the pulmonary benefit and Liz says maybe she’ll see him there.  Ewen asks her to go with him. 

Alexis wants Molly to join her at the pulmonary benefit, but Molly thinks she should invite someone like Mac to go with her.  Alexis wants her to blow off schoolwork once in awhile and be a kid.  Alexis thinks Molly needs some balance. 

Dante wonders if Johnny set fire to the pier or if Sonny did for the insurance money.  Delores asks if it’s something that Sonny would do.  Dante feels Sonny is capable of anything. He is angry to see that Sonny is going ahead with the pulmonary benefit. 

Delores feels it’s for a worthy cause and at least Sonny is helping people. However, Dante doesn’t want mob money donated in his name, nor does he want Sonny to buy his way into his life.  Dante asks what Eddie said about Delores being attacked, but she says she didn’t tell her husband the truth.  She’s still angry that she was attacked and it could be the same person who killed her sister since it’s the same MO. 

Delores thinks it would sometimes be good to go above the law, like Sonny does. Dante tells her that it’s tempting to break rules, but she wouldn’t be able to live with herself.  Delores calls Johnny and leaves him a message that she’s interested in his help. 

Monica shows up at Jason’s, since she hasn’t heard from him in days and is concerned about the tests. She asks if he’s had any symptoms.  Jason claims he’s fine.  Monica spots a baby magazine and asks if Sam is pregnant. She is thrilled when Jason says she is.  Monica hopes she’ll be able to see the child. Jason assures her that he wants her to be part of the baby’s life, but they’ll need to accept that the baby will be a Morgan and not a Q heir. Monica points out that the baby is a Quartermaine, but Jason only wants the baby to be loved and not have high expectations. 

Monica hopes the baby is as wonderful as Jason was.  She misses the old Jason but has accepted the man he is now.  She just wants to be part of the family. Jason assures her she will be.  He tells her he’ll call after the sonogram.  Monica congratulates them and leaves.  Jason finally gets the balcony door open and finds the package from Franco.

Sam visits with Alexis, who asks how she’s feeling.  Sam says the morning sickness has been okay.  Molly overhears and is excited about the pregnancy and wants to tell Kristina.  Molly gives Sam a list of baby names, character names from her favorite books.

Johnny puts music on, but then changes his mind.  Carly thinks they do need music and puts it back on and gets Johnny to dance with her.  When they start getting closer she decides she needs to go.  He asks her to leave, stops her at the door and they start kissing. 

Maxie finds Monica at the hospital and tells her she has something she needs to tell her about a member of her staff.

Jason’s angry with the package, heads over to the fireplace, and falls down.  Sam comes home to find him on the ground.