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Guiding Light's Unforgettable Reva Shayne Gets Her Own Soap Classics DVD Collection!


She's the only television character in history to drive off a bridge — in a fit of postpartum psychosis; become a ghost; an Amish farmer; a clone; an amnesiac, island princess; a time-traveling Nazi fighter and a breast cancer survivor, who learns her husband cheated with her baby sister. Whew, and to think, all of that happened after she baptized herself the Slut of Springfield!

Soap Classics has released Guiding Light — The Reva Shayne Collection, featuring five, classic episodes starring multiple Daytime Emmy winner Kim Zimmer as notorious, Tulsa, Oklahoma-bred she-devil, Reva Shayne.

Episode 1 is Reva's first episode from 1983, where the ruthless Alan Spaulding (Chris Bernau) enlists her help in breaking up the relationship of Springfield society queen Vanessa Chamberlain (Maeve Kinkead) and Reva's oil man, ex-hubby Billy Lewis (Jordan Clarke).

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Episode 2 features the the day after the unforgettable scene from 1984, where the brazen, tempestuous Reva, fed up with the games being played by her paralyzed true love—and stepson at the time—Joshua "Bud" Lewis (Robert Newman), jumps into the fountain at the country club and declares herself the Slut of Springfield. She coulda just cut the tires on his wheelchair and stayed dry!

Episode 3 has our Reva Darling so distraught after giving birth to baby boy Shayne, she drives her little red car plum off a bridge, to her watery "death" in 1990!

Episode 4 has Reva in 2004, coming to the realization that Jonathan Randall (Tom Pelphrey), the son she bore the late Prince Richard (Bradley Cole) of the tropical principality of San Cristobal, had grown up to be every bit the destructive mess his mother was.

Episode 5 showcases the starcrossed lovers, Reva and Josh, at yet another crossroads in one of their many, many, many marriages.

As with the previous Soap Classics collections, We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb was instrumental in bringing this effort to fruition. Order your copy of Guiding Light — The Reva Shayne Collectionhere for just $12.95!