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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki and Jill Team Up to Take Down Anita!

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Victor/Nikki: Sucks to be The Black Knight. His lady love finds some damning evidence against him and Anita. Later, Nikki has a chat with Chelsea's mama to find out why they're targeting her daughter.

Jack: Old Smilin' Jack butts heads with his physical therapist.

Cane: The Aussie gets a new job that puts him in the line of fire with his mother.

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Victoria: She finds out the real deal about Anita and Chelsea.

Jill/Nikki: The two ladies put their issues with each other aside and team up to take down Anita.

Billy: He isn't buying what Chelsea's selling.

Victor: Mr. Moneybags turns on the charm to get what he wants from Genaura.

Adam/Sharon:  The Newman reject is still angry at his father's cold shoulder. Sharon informs him it was Victor's idea for him to return to the farm. Adam thinks Victor has a plan set on motion, but she disagrees, causing Adam to storm off in a huff. He falls, but Sharon is there to help him. The childhood memories Adam has from the farm aren't as Norman Rockwell-esque as people may have been led to believe.