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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kate gets to her office to find Sonny waiting for her.  He demands to know what’s going on.  He says he’s called her a bunch of times and she’s not being straight with him.  Sonny says if she’s worried about Jax, he’s decided to let it go, even though he won’t’ forget what Jax did to him. 

Monica wants to know which of her staff members has done something criminal.  Maxie says it’s Liz, but claims she doesn’t want to get Liz in trouble.  Maxie says Liz stole drugs to help Lucky, which caused him to relapse.  Monica points out that these are serious charges and asks if she has proof. 

Ewen asks to make the benefit an actual date.  Liz accepts.  Matt shows up and wants to speak with Liz.  He asks her to go to the benefit with him. Liz is thrilled to be asked out twice in half an hour.

Michael’s waiting to meet a tutor at Kelly’s.  Shawn tells him again that he should cut Carly some slack. He understands that Michael is protective of his mother, because he doesn’t think anyone is good enough for her.   Michael says it’s not his place to judge his mother’s decisions, no matter how bad.  Michael’s tired of waiting for his tutor so gives Shawn a message if they show up. Shawn admits he’s the tutor. 

Shawn explains that he was once a teacher and that he’s now tutoring for PCU.  Michael says he’s going back to school and will let Shawn know if he wants his help. 

Carly and Johnny continue to make out, but Carly stops. She doesn’t think they haven’t thought this through.  Johnny just wants someone to be with.  Carly says she wants to stop him from self destructing, but Johnny wonders if there’s really something going on.  They start to make out again. 

Sam yells at Jason who eventually comes to.  Jason doesn’t want to go to the hospital, but Sam begs him to go, for her and the baby. 

Patrick invites Mac to dinner on Sunday, claiming it’s a surprise for Robin and that even Emma has been sworn to secrecy. 

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Carly stops the kissing a second time, even though she loves that Johnny is pursuing her. She doesn’t want to start a war with Sonny, she’s caused enough problems. Carly says she doesn’t want to make the same mistakes. She can’t find a man as good as Jax and she messed that up.  Johnny asks if she wants to leave, but she says she doesn’t know what she wants.  They kiss, until Michael knocks on the door. 

Carly hides and listens as Michael tells Johnny he’s changed his mind about working for the Zaccharas.  Michael thanks Johnny for listening. He says he’s going to honor Abby and he’s enrolled at PCU.  After he’s leaves, Carly thanks Johnny for being the voice of reason for Michael.  Carly decides to leave, before they do something they’ll regret.  Johnny asks if she’s shutting the door on them for good, but she says no.  After she leaves, she listens to her voice messages, which includes one from Shawn asking to be her date for the benefit. 

Liz says Ewen invited her to the benefit, but Matt tells her to get out of it. He claims he doesn’t want her to be hurt, since they don’t know anything about Ewen.  Liz admits that Matt is attractive, but not single.  Matt says he just broke up with Maxie for good and that Liz kept coming between them. 

Liz apologizes if she did anything, but Matt assures her that it’s all on Maxie thinking Liz was stealing him away.  Matt says Liz listens and understands.  Liz admits they have been spending lots of time together.

Liz wonders if Matt is asking her out to spite Maxie. He claims it’s because he wants to.  Liz says they’re good friends and she doesn’t want him five minutes after he’s dumped Maxie.  She doesn’t want to be the reason he broke up with Maxie. Nor does she want to be the rebound girl.  Liz tells Matt not to give up on Maxie just yet.  He offers to drive her back to the hospital. 

Monica is surprised that Liz would confess this to Maxie, but Maxie claims Liz admitted this to her when they were being held by the drug dealers.  Monica reminds her that she was involved with Lucky the last time drugs went missing. She wonders why Maxie is telling her now.  Maxie claims she no longer wants to be selfish and wants to be a better person. She has decided to be honest.  Monica says she’ll look into it.  Maxie snarks that she’ll feel bad if Liz has to pay. 

At the hospital, Liz spots Maxie. She tells Matt to talk to her.  He tries, but a guilty Maxie blows him off.  Monica confronts Liz and says they need to talk. 

Patrick examines Jason.  Sam explains that she found him collapsed. Jason claims he remembers nothing after having tried to open the balcony door.  Sam asks about the swelling on the brain and Patrick says he’ll check the test results. 

Sonny says he was angry when Brenda left, but Kate picked him up and got him to face his past.  He says this was his best Christmas. He thinks things are changing for the better.  Kate says they might have a problem because she’s falling in love with him again. 

Sonny says he doesn’t want to lose her again.  Kate doesn’t want the past to get in the way. She needs to face her demons.  Sonny says he’ll do everything to protect her. He’ll be there for her.  She gets a phone call, but it’s a hang up.  When Sonny leaves, she gets another call and is shocked by what the person tells her. 

Patrick comes back with the test results and says the symptoms are not going away.  Sam asks if Jason will need another surgery.  Patrick says it’s inoperable.