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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Welcome back Finola Hughes!  My second favorite character of all time is Anna Devane.

Emma and Patrick have a Valentine’s Day celebration for Robin.  A trail of chocolate hearts leads to the door and when Robin opens it, there’s Anna.  The two hug and Robin is thrilled to see her mother.  Anna says Patrick tracked her down and is delighted to meet Emma (who is one of the prettiest child actress in the history of television!)

Emma tells Grandma that she loves her and wishes her a happy Valentine’s Day.  Anna asks to be called Anna, but settles on Grandma Anna.  Anna gives Emma a kite and when Emma heads off to her room. Anna remembers when Robin was pregnant and the two were getting married. 

Anna wishes she’d been around to help Robin deal with what she went through and help support her.  Robin is sorry to have kept things a secret.  Robin gets a call about Jason’s test results.  Anna offers to babysit Emma, saying she’s taken an extended leave of absence to visit. 

Dante gives Lulu flowers for Valentine’s Day.  He comes up with a couple of cheesy lines, which make Lulu laugh.  But talk turns to the fund raiser. He’s not happy because he’s sure Sonny will be a manipulator and a hypocrite.  Lulu reminds him it’s for a good cause and to keep that opinion to himself because it could affect those who may want to contribute. 

Dante doesn’t like the position his father put him in.  Lulu tells him to just get through it without a scene.  Dante finds the file on Dinofrio. Lulu’s upset that the stalker is still out there and wishes she could help solve the case.  She keeps sneezing and talks about all the dust and the footprints from everyone. This gives Dante an idea about the case. 

Sonny’s impressed with Kate’s benefit organization. He says it will be an important night for him and Dante. They can start a clean slate.  Carly’s not happy with the party planning decisions.  Kate says her strengths are her design experience, but Carly just thinks she’s pretending to be someone she’s not. 

Carly tells Sonny about Michael enrolling at PCU. Sonny snarks that he hopes she didn’t have to sleep with Johnny to make it happen.  Carly asks why he should care, since he’s with Kate. Sonny claims he doesn’t.  Carly reminds him that Kate went behind his back to Jax. 

Kate says it was a good business decision. Carly taunts Sonny that he’s changed his policy about people keeping secrets.  Sonny talks about Dante easing up a little, but Carly is the voice of reason. She points out that even if Dante shows up that it won’t be for Sonny.  Kate’s upset by this, but Carly says she’s not being hurtful. She is upset that Kate is telling Sonny only what he wants to hear. 

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Carly wonders what other secrets Kate has been keeping. After she’s gone, Sonny mentions trying to get a hold of her and not getting through.  Kate says her phone is a problem and she’s in the process of having it changed.  Sonny says he trusts her and that he has a feeling tonight will be great. 

Liz is leaving the hospital with her box of stuff, when Steve stops her to make sure she’s okay.  Liz assures him that Monica is just doing her job and she’s lucky it was just a suspension.  Which begs the question, why is she taking her stuff if she isn’t fully fired?  Matt overhears about the suspension and is upset. 

Matt feels he should be suspended as well, since he helped her. However, Liz doesn’t want him to jeopardize everything he’s done to help her.  Liz asks Matt to leave it alone. She is sure the board won’t be able to prove anything anyway.   Matt decides he’ll leave it but promises to step in if the board gives her trouble. 

Sam questions Jason on what happened and if he remembers. She’s angry that he made it seem as though Robin had said the condition wasn’t serious, when it was.  Jason doesn’t want to sit and wait. Sam rants that she should have forced him to have the tests done months ago and she knows he’s keeping something from her. It’s something about Franco and she insists he tell her.  Sam wants to know if Franco has done something else but Jason tells her to let it be.  Sam insists he tell her and trust her to protect the baby.  Jason explains about finding the package and that it was likely another DVD. 

Spinelli runs into Maxie, who tells him that Matt dumped her. Spin asks her to the benefit.  Maxie points out that she was just dumped, but Spin says it’s for a worthy cause and that she’ll be hobnobbing with important people. She can use the opportunity to make Matt jealous.  Maxie thanks Spin for making her feel better. Spin figures she took things too far, but reassures her that it wasn’t done out of malice.  After Spin leaves, Matt shows up, angry with Maxie. 

Matt says what Maxie did to Liz was malicious and he knows she went to Monica.  He says Liz is raising kids on her own and shouldn’t be suspended because of Maxie’s spiteful stunt.  Matt says she should have come at him and not Liz.  Maxie says she made it easy for him to run to Liz, that it’s what he’s always wanted.

TJ wants Molly to keep recording the book for him, but she’s devised another way to help him read.  When he does it successfully, he asks for her laptop.  She mentions not going to the benefit but that Alexis is going.  When Molly isn’t looking, TJ sends out an email, letting everyone know about a party at Molly’s.  For someone who can’t read, he can certainly type easily. 

Anna and Emma sit around eating chocolates.  Emma says her mommy was sick. Anna explains that Robin is better and is now trying to help another man who is sick.  Emma asks to pray for that man. 

Robin asks Patrick if he told Anna about Lisa. Patrick says he didn’t. Robin wants to focus on the future.  They head into Jason’s room with the test results.  Robin explains that the swelling is in a bad place, but she’s working on a drug protocol.  Jason says he doesn’t want to hang around if he has only a short time left.  Robin asks him to stay so she can help him.  She says it’s not time to jump yet, a reference to what he told her.  Jason agrees to stay.  After Scrubs leave, Sam says she’s going home to look for the DVD.  Jason makes her promise not to watch it alone. 

Carly shows up at the hospital. Robin assumes she’s there for Jason, but when it’s obvious Carly doesn’t know anything, Robin tells her what’s happened and that she’s doing what she can, but that he doesn’t have much time. 

Sam gets home and finds the DVD.

Patrick goes to Jason, who tells him that he wants to know what he’s facing when the time comes.  Patrick assures him that he will be told, but that he must relax, since anxiety will make things worse.  Patrick says he knows that Franco is the trigger.