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Darnell Williams on Y&R’s Sarge: “He's an A—Hole”

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TV Guide’sMichael Logan caught up with former All My Children star Darnell Williams and talked to him about his upcoming role on The Young and the Restless as Sarge.  In the interview, they also chat about Prospect Park’s plan to take AMC to the web falling through, whether lightening will strike twice for him and Debbi Morgan and what we can expect from Sarge.


TV Guide Magazine:You've gone from playing cool cop in Pine Valley to hot-head screamer in Genoa City. What's eating Sarge?

Williams: He's like an ex-Marine drill sergeant who bullies his patients into getting better.  We'll be chipping away the layers to find out why. There's something pretty big lurking beneath the surface, though I don't yet know what that is. [Laughs] I don't even know Sarge's real name but I do know he's an a--hole.

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