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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny confronts Anthony and his goon. He warns the goon to stop following him and tells his grandfather to keep his nose out of his business and his personal life. Anthony says he cares about Johnny. Johnny says the business is fine and Anthony just doesn’t want to see him succeed.   Johnny wonders what life would have been like if he’d been raised by his real father instead of Anthony. 

Anthony says Johnny would be dead now if that had happened and he took the best care of him.  Johnny tells him again to call off the goons, because he’s going to handle things his way and Anthony has no say.  Anthony brings up Carly and how Johnny should proceed with caution, since she’s Sonny’s ex and he gets possessive.  Anthony is worried Johnny is inviting trouble. 

Anthony says Johnny needs someone to have his back. Johnny doesn’t want to hear it. Anthony says he’s done, but to call him if he needs help.  He points out to Johnny that one of his shipment routes is compromised and to use a different one. 

Matt wants Maxie to admit she turned Liz into Monica.  Matt says Liz took the drugs to help Lucky.  Maxie claims it’s all Liz’s fault. She could have turned to Mac or Dante for help, but stole the drugs so Lucky would feel guilty. Maxie says she isn’t sorry she turned Liz in.  Maxie says Lucky had to leave the country, to get away from Liz. She goes on about how Liz had the nerve to check into Shadybrook and a bunch of stuff that really isn’t Maxie’s business and has nothing to do with stolen drugs. 

Maxie points out that Liz will dump Matt the minute Lucky gets back into town.  Matt accuses Maxie of being jealous of Liz and trying to get back at her.  Maxie wonders what she has to get back at.  Matt claims Maxie never understood him, which Maxie agrees with. She points out that it doesn’t make her a bad person.  Matt agrees and says what Maxie did to Liz does make her a bad person. 

Patrick stops by the lab to check on Robin’s progress. He lets her know that Jason promised to stay.  Robin feels it’s unlike Jason to be so cooperative. He must have realized he doesn’t have much time left.  Patrick feels Jason will take off if he realizes there’s no cure.  Robin says she’s narrowed down her drug protocol to three. Patrick will need to administer it and that she’s determined to figure out which one will work. 

Carly shows up at Jason’s door, as he’s trying to leave.  She’s upset that she wasn’t told he was sick. She wonders why Sam isn’t with him.  Jason doubles over in pain, but claims he’s okay.  Carly refuses to let him leave and tells him to get back into bed.  Carly asks again about Sam. Jason tells her to back off, Sam is pregnant.   

Carly’s thrilled about the news and congratulates Jason, saying he’ll make a great dad.  Jason says neither of them can handle stress and for Carly not to start a fight.  Sam shows up and ask who Carly would be fighting with.  Carly congratulates Sam and says she stopped Jason from going after her.  Sam says their job now is to make sure Jason gets well.  Robin arrives, annoyed that Jason isn’t in bed. She tells the women to leave so she can have a moment alone with him.

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Olivia meets Steve at the hospital, to remind him to keep his schedule clear for the benefit tonight. It’s a good cause, honoring her son.  Maggie spots them talking, turns to the nearest guy next to her and asks if he wants to go with her to the benefit.  When he agrees, she then approaches Olivia and Steve. She mentions that she has a date as well.

After Olivia leaves, Steve questions how well Maggie knows the guy she’s taking. She explains that he was called by the new chief of staff at his old hospital, who has decided to the investigation into the death of their patient.  He tells her to act like what they told them originally is the true story, but to watch her back with her date.    

Olivia runs into Johnny and says he doesn’t look good. She thinks he’s about to do something reckless that he’ll regret.  She asks him to tell her what’s going on, but Johnny doesn’t want to talk about it.  Olivia tells him to take care of himself.  After she’s gone, Johnny calls his men and tells them to reroute their shipment where Anthony said. 

Ethan asks Cassandra if she’s thought anymore about her memory or if she’s told Ewen.  Ewen shows up, but Cass feels it isn’t important to tell him.  Ethan, however, does explain the memory to Ewen. He pulls out a book and points out that it’s something Cassandra read.  Ewen heads back out. Ethan questions why Cass would lie to him.  She swears she doesn’t remember anything and that she’s not lying and that he needs to trust her.  

Maxie accuses Matt of criticizing her, but not supporting her. She says stealing drugs is a crime.  Matt accuses her of being a hypocrite.  Maxie admits she’s done her share of crap, but that she’s not put on a pedestal like Liz is. Everyone gives Liz the benefit of the doubt. 

Matt says Maxie put Liz’s job at risk.  Maxie says she doesn’t know why she fought so hard for them, why she supported and protected him.  She feels they don’t work well together. She no longer wants to pretend.  After Matt leaves, Anthony shows up and sees how upset Maxie is. He asks if there’s anything he can do to help. Maxie says she’s never asking him for a favor again. 

Sam says Jason will be an amazing father, but wonders how Carly knew he was sick.  Carly says Robin told her and she caught him trying to leave.  Sam thanks her for stopping him. Carly says there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for Jason.  Sam knows Carly is worried about him. Carly’s worried, since Robin said it was serious.  Sam is sure Robin will find the solution.

Robin explains that she’s trying to find the right drug and when she does, Patrick will administer it surgically, because of the location of the swelling.  Jason isn’t happy about another surgery.  Robin reminds him of what he told her when she was leaving for Paris and that she now has the life he hoped she would.  Robin has faith in his future.  Jason tells her that Sam is pregnant. Robin is happy for him.  She tells him it’s time to fight and she’s sure one of the protocols will work.  Jason thanks her for everything and Robin makes him promise to stay in bed and let her help him.  She promises when she comes back to have the solution. 

Robin tests her most promising drug, only for it not to have a reaction.  Patrick assures her that she’ll find it, before he heads down to the ER.  Carly arrives and says she wants to know how Robin will save Jason’s life. 

Jason tells Sam that Robin is working on a cure.  He asks if she watched the DVD and she admits she put it in, but didn’t.  She says that no matter what’s on it, they shouldn’t let it upset or anger them.  They watch the DVD which is of a baby and wonder what it means.