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All My Children's Michael E. Knight: "Brian Frons Wanted to Get Rid of Me Probably Since '05, '06"

All My Children alum Michael E. Knight told the truth and shamed the devils, aka Brian Frons and Julie Hanan Caruthers, in a new interview with Soap Opera Digest (on newsstands now). The actor, who played the infamous Tad Martin on and off for almost 30 years, and is now appearing in the play The Cost of the Erection, admitted he felt AMC hadn't been properly managed for years.


 "I felt personally that our show had been mismanaged pretty severely for the last few years. You could just feel that the show was in the wrong hands. Agnes [Nixon, creator] had been pushed to the side and we had sort of lost her identity."

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Knight goes on to say ABC should have realized a long time ago Fronsshouldn't have been helming their daypart.

"The ratings kept going down and down and down, even though we were cutting drastically, and you'd think that any logical person would go, 'Maybe we have the wrong person there.' And ABC didn't."

Knight also didn't mince words about Hanan Caruthers. On what Tad became under the showrunner's disastrous tenure, he said:

"Under Julie [Hanan Caruthers, AMC's last executive producer], nothing was going on. I was sort of there for comic relief for about the last eight years on the show. You gotta know, Brian Frons wanted to get rid of me probably since '05, '06. I can't lay all the blame at his feet; my character had done everything there was to do on a soap and I had sort of gotten to the point where he was wallpapering over old wallpaper."

For more from Knight, pick up the Feb. 28, 2012 issue of Soap Opera Digest!