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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny appreciates Kate for all she’s sdoing with the benefit, but is concerned about Dante.  Kate assures him that Dante will show up.  Kate tells Olivia that this is an important night for Sonny and Olivia claims there’s nothing more important to Sonny than his kids.

Ronnie and Dante are in the alley, going over Delores’ attack and looking for clues. Dante notices a wonky right footprint. 

Delores meets Johnny at Kelly’s to ask for help in finding her sister’s killer. Johnny asks about her husband, who apparently has a problem with his right leg.  I feel a stripper stalker anvil falling on my head regarding dear old Eddie.   Johnny says his help isn’t free.  Delores gets angry that Johnny’s help is at a price. She’s going to find her sister’s killer the right way.  She thinks he should understand since his sister was murdered, but he says Claudia wasn’t his sister and storms out. 

Matt’s complaining to Patrick about his love life, but Patrick isn’t interested.  Matt wants to talk to Robin, but Patrick warns him off, saying Robin’s trying to find a cure for Jason.

Robin wants Carly to leave. However, Carly wants to know how Robin will save Jason’s life.  Carly complains that Robin will have to follow rules, procedures and that the project might be too big for just Robin to handle.  Patrick shows up. Carly tells him that she thinks they should call in someone, but Patrick says Robin is Jason’s only chance.

Sam and Jason watch the video of the baby, looking for clues.  Jason notices the baby’s hospital band reads, “baby boy Moore” and realizes it’s video of him as a baby.  He wonders how Franco could have gotten it and why he would send it now.  Why do I get the feeling were about to have a, “Franco was Jason’s half brother via Susan Moore,” story?

Alexis is reluctant to go to the benefit, but Molly talks her into it and tells her to dance with Mac. 

TJ’s surprised to see Shawn all dressed up. Shawn explains he’s going to the benefit.  After Shawn leaves, TJ grabs a case of beer from the back and heads off to Molly’s.  Molly is surprised when TJ and a bunch of kids show up to party at her house. 

Sonny’s telling Max to beef up security, in case Johnny pulls something.  Dante overhears and assumes Sonny set up the benefit in order to have an alibi, should something happen to Johnny.  Sonny swears Dante misunderstood and his motives are pure. He’s trying to show appreciation to the doctors’ that saved Dante’s life. 

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Dante reminds his father that he was shot in his warehouse by his enemies and he’s trying to make something ugly look nice.  Olivia breaks up the arguing, by dragging Dante off. She says Sonny’s doing something nice and saving lives.  Dante points out that Sonny has taken lives to make the money that’s being donated. 

Patrick tells Robin not to let Carly get to her and distract her, Carly is just scared.  Robin admits she’s scared too, and wonders what if she can’t save Jason.  Patrick says he believes in her and to believe in herself. 

Matt shows up at the lab to talk to Robin. She only wants to be left alone to figure out her cure.  He natters on about his trial, the patient, Maxie and how what she did to Liz was so petty and terrible.  Robin tells him again to bugger off and to go to the benefit. 

Kate wonders why Dante’s so angry. Sonny says Dante overheard something he shouldn’t.  Sonny hopes he can talk some sense into Dante, because he swore his kids wouldn’t look at him the way he looked at Mike or Deke.  He says he keeps breaking down the wall between them, but Dante keeps building it.  Carly interrupts to tell Sonny that Jason is in the hospital and could be dying. 

Carly explains about the swelling and that Robin is the only one on the job.  Sonny assures her Robin is the best and he knew Jason was in the hospital.  Carly is angry that he knew, but didn’t tell her.  Kate snarks about blaming Sonny for something. Carly says she and Sonny are connected by their children and snarks again that Kate doesn’t know from kids.  Sonny says it wasn’t his call to make. If Jason wanted Carly to know, he would have called her. 

Spinelli brings magazines for Jason. Sam tells him they’re pregnant.  Spin congratulates them, but quickly realizes that isn’t why they summoned him.  Jason gives him the DVD. Spin wonders about Franco’s fate.  After Sam leaves, Jason tells Spin that he doesn’t want Sam to worry, but that he needs to know all the information.  He tells Spin that the last thing Franco said to him was, “you’ll never know”

Olivia overhears Dante on the phone with Lulu, who’s home sick.  He tells his mother that he doesn’t like being used.  Olivia says Sonny is still his father and he needs to figure out how to deal with him. 

Shawn shows up. Carly tells him she’s worried about Jason.  He points out that she didn’t call him back about going to the benefit with him.  She’s says she’s been busy and he asks with Jason or Johnny.  She reminds him that he’s not protecting her anymore and he doesn’t need to worry.  Shawn says he cares about her. 

Maxie shows up at the lab, angry that Robin hasn’t returned her calls.  Robin says she’s busy trying to save Jason’s life.  Maxie blames Liz for her breakup with Matt.  Robin says Matt is socially awkward and Liz was being nice to him.  Maxie says Robin always sees the nice in people and that others tend to do things without thinking.  Robin asks what Maxie has done. 

When Sam gets back to the room, she and Jason talk about the DVD.  He starts to get a headache, so she goes to fetch Patrick.  Patrick says they’ll continue to get worst until Robin can find the cure.  Sam wonders how much time Jason has left.

Sonny thanks Kate and claims he isn’t giving up on Dante yet.  Johnny shows up, drunk, ready to make a scene.  I think at this point, Max probably needs to be fired.