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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Avery Fights to Spring Daisy (WHY!?)!

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Avery/Daisy: Yes kids, the legal eagle works overtime to set Daisy free. Seems Avery is motivated by her ailing father, and all of her hostility towards big sis Phyllis resurfaces. Avery wants to stick it to Big Red, but also believes in Daisy. She talks to Daisy and tells her if she can get proof Sarah made her commit the crimes she's convicted of, she can walk free. Daisy suddenly remembers (of course) a video Sarah made of herself and Ryder threatening the twins that they will pay, if they don't do what she says. Avery being the super sleuth she is, finds the evidence they need.

Jack: Old Smilin' starts his physical therapy sessions and sees Sarge (Darnell Williams) browbeating a patient of his. Jack doesn't like what he sees, but realizes Sarge's tactics are used to push his patients to work harder. Later, Jack asks Sarge to take him on as a client, realizing he needs someone to motivate him the same way.

Victoria: Her new gig has her butting heads with Victor.

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Phyllis: Big Red debates about visiting her dying father. Avery chats with her big sister and lets her know she saw their ailing father George in prison. Although Avery's still mad at Phyllis' treatment of their father, she still wants a relationship with her, and for big sis to do right. Avery cajoles Phyllis to visit their father, before it’s too late, but the two siblings get into a heated argument. Phyllis thinks everything she needed to tell George, she has, and doesn't budge on her stance. Avery informs her about where their father is getting treatment and leaves.

Later on, Phyllis confides in Nick about her issues. He says she should talk to her father. He tells Phyllis all about his time Victor, and his visit with his grandfather Albert Miller, and implores her to visit with her father. Phyllis breaks down and tells Nick about George stealing from his investment clients and she being the one who snitched. Phyllis still feels guilty to this day, for her father going to jail because of her, but maintains it was the right thing to do. Nick begs Phyllis to reconnect with her father and leaves. Phyllis then calls the care facility George is staying in and informs them of her arrival.

Patti: Patti Cake drops a bombshell that may bring Adam to his knees (if he can see them).

Chloe: The fashionista is puzzled by Daniel's behavior.

Cane: The Aussie gets a job opportunity from Ashley.