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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny being delicious. Dante tearing a strip off of Sonny. Carly snarking out Kate and finally an Anna/Emma/Robin scene.  This was my kind of day.

Carly tells Johnny he shouldn’t be interrupting Sonny’s event. She doesn’t want him looking for payback.  Johnny assures her he’s going to play nice. 

Dante asks his father if this is going to be a problem. Sonny assures him that all is fine.  Sonny thanks Kate again for the great job she did in organizing it.  Kate snarks about Carly getting in the way. Carly snarks back that Kate was taking all the credit. I loved the look on Laura Wright’s face when she said that.  It was pure Carly and gave me quite a chuckle. 

Jason and Sam talk about the baby and how great parents each will be.  Jason wants to discuss what will happen “if”, but Sam wants him to stop talking like he’s going to die.  Sam assures him Robin will save him.  Jason says he has everything to live for now.   Sam offers to check with Patrick to see if Jason can wait at home, but has a cramp. 

Monica tells Patrick that she’s gone over Jason’s chart and has an OR ready for him the moment the protocol is ready.

Maxie complains to Robin that she told Monica about Liz, but Matt took Liz’s side and said she was a bad person.  Robin points out that Maxie went after Liz’s job, but Maxie snarks that there’s a million people ready to help Liz out financially.  Maxie wants Robin to go with her to the benefit, since Spin cancelled. She doesn’t want to run into Matt alone.

Robin says her mother is in town, which causes Maxie to snark about having a Mom who loves you enough to visit.  Maxie says she has no mother, all she has is Robin and she needs her to fix things.  Robin tells her to make things right with Matt and Liz. Maxie calls Robin selfish. Maxie grabs her purse, which breaks off the handle of the gas gauge and storms out.  Robin doesn’t notice the broken handle. 

Monica stops by to see Robin’s progress.  Robin says the first two protocols didn’t work and she’s now testing the last one.  She hopes to have it ready tonight. Monica says she has the OR ready to go.  Monica says she always knew Robin would be the one to save Jason. 

Monica stops by Jason’s room and congratulates Sam on the pregnancy.  Sam heads out to talk to Patrick.  Jason wants to know the truth. Monica says things have worsened.  Jason asks if Monica will take care of Sam and the baby. She assures him that she will.  He asks about home videos of him as a baby, but she says she doesn’t have the newborn ones because he was still with Susan. 

Matt runs into Liz at the benefit. He explains that his research patient cancelled so he was free.  She says she’s supposed to meet Ewen there.  Matt starts drinking. Liz tells him to pace himself, so as not to have a repeat of the night on Lisa’s boat.  Liz says they only kissed because of the champagne and thaqt Matt is lucky he doesn’t remember anything from that night.  She wishes she could forget being thrown overboard to drown. 

Maggie and Steve show up together. They explain to Olivia that Maggie’s date had to work.  Sonny wants Tracy to assure him Anthony won’t cause a problem. Tracy assures him that he won’t and asks about Luke.  Sonny says he hasn’t seen Luke. 

Diane shows up with Mac on her arm. Alexis does not look pleased.  Sonny tells Max to escort Johnny out if he starts something.  Olivia tells Dante again that this night means a lot to Sonny and to try to meet him halfway.  Dante says Sonny is doing this for himself. 

Tracy tells Anthony that she thinks he and Johnny should leave. She says Sonny is a thug with poor impulse control.  Anthony says Johnny isn’t in the mood to listen to reason and that he’s not leaving Tracy alone. 

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Shawn offers to deal with Johnny, but Carly says she’ll handle it.  She asks about Johnny’s drinking and he claims he’ll only do it until he stops feeling. 

Kate gets everyone’s attention and says it’s a special evening.  Carly interrupts and says the hotel is honored to host the event. She thanks everyone for lending their support. She and Sonny always believe in supporting the hospital and that family is what it’s all about.  Kate does not look happy with the interruption.

Sonny explains how Dante was shot and the doctors performed a miracle. He wants others to receive the same care.  He says his son is a great man, a hero and the benefit is in his honor.  Dante looks uncomfortable throughout this. 

Johnny reaches into his pocket. Max grabs him, thinking he has a gun, but Johnny says he has his checkbook and wants to know how big Sonny’s donation will be.  He wonders if it’s 2 or 3 million.  Sonny says 4 million. Johnny counters with 5 million.  Sonny says he’ll donate 10 million, which will cover them both.  Johnny says Sonny’s money isn’t clean. He wonders why Dante isn’t responding.  Johnny says maybe Dante is bought and paid for by his father. 

Sonny wants Johnny to leave or he’ll tell truths of his own.  Sonny says Claudia was Johnny’s mother, not sister, and explains the whole sordid thing.  Sonny accuses Johnny of being jealous of Dante and ruining his night.  Johnny storms out. Anthony warns Sonny that he’ll burn his life down. 

Carly asks if Sonny is proud of himself and heads out after Johnny. She later finds his car abandoned.  Sonny announces he’s sorry for the disruption, but for everyone to continue to make a generous donation.  He reaches for Kate, who tells him not to touch her. 

Olivia reminds Sonny that the night was supposed to be about Dante, but that he proved how vindictive he could be.  Sonny blames it on Johnny.  Dante says it wasn’t Johnny’s fault. Sonny didn’t have to humiliate him in front of everyone.  Dante says it proves his father is all about maximum damage. 

Kate cries to Olivia that she thought she could fix Sonny and therefore fix herself.  She’s upset that the children mean the most to Sonny.  Or something like that. I couldn’t fully understand her logic.  I kept expecting her to suddenly turn into Connie or someone.

Matt tells Liz that Maxie was the one to tell Monica about the drugs.  Liz says Maxie never misses a chance to make her life miserable.  Maxie shows up and says they should thank her, since she’s given them the opportunity to be together.  .  Maxie accuses Liz of setting her up to be the bad guy.  Matt accuses her of being selfish and childish.  Liz says she never went after Matt. 

Maxie says they have no idea what she did for Matt.  He says he doesn’t care about the magazine article.  He wants Maxie to say she’s sorry.  Maxie says she won’t do it in front of Liz.  Matt storms off.  Liz says Maxie did this to herself and she’s now going to make Maxie’s life a living hell.  Liz apologizes to Matt and then flirts a little. 

Anna and Emma show up at the hospital, wanting to join Patrick and Robin for dinner.  Epiphany promises to page the doctors. However, when they turn out to be too busy, Anna and Emma head off on their own. 

Sam asks Patrick about going home, but he wants Jason to stay in case there is another seizure.  When Patrick returns, Pif tells him the girls are here.  He heads to Robin’s lab.  Robin has taken a breather, and runs into her mother and Emma. They hang ou,t while she waits for the latest results of her protocol.  In the lab, Patrick is consumed by the gas fumes and passes out.

Sam tells Jason that he needs to stay, so he can get the protocol as soon as it’s ready.  Jason says he has faith in Robin. 

Sonny catches up with Dante in the garage.  Dante says a charitable event turned into another mob war.  Sonny again blames Johnny for showing up.  Dante says he wants to go home to his wife, who is his family.  Sonny wonders what he did that was so wrong.  That Johnny was drunk and came after his family.  Dante says Johnny was just reaching for his checkbook.  Sonny says Dante was shot by one of the Zacharas, but Dante says he has no proof.  Sonny yells that he doesn’t need proof, he’s protecting his family. 

Dante yells back that he doesn’t want his father’s protection anymore. He wants Sonny behind bars, and until that happens, Sonny is dead to him.  Someone watches from the shadows and points a gun at them.