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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny declares Dante his son and one doesn’t turn their back on their family.  Dante says he wants nothing to do with his father and turns to leave.  Sonny spots the shooter and throws himself onto Dante, as a shot rings out.  Dante fires back and plans to chase after the shooter, until he realizes Sonny’s been shot in the shoulder.  Sonny asks if Dante saw who it was and tells him to find out where Johnny is.  Dante heads back upstairs to get Steven.

Robin’s hanging out with Anna and Emma but wonders why Patrick hasn’t joined them.  He’s still passed out in the lab.  Robin checks with Epiphany, who tells her that Patrick was heading to the lab. Robin heads off to the lab. Anna and Emma spend more time together, talking about police work and doctors.  Anna declares Robin to be a wonderful doctor and mother. She says when she sees her next, she will tell Robin how proud she is and how much she loves her. 

Jason’s summons Spinelli back to his room and tells him that he may possibly die if Robin doesn’t find a cure.  Jason wants Spin to take care of Sam and be a friend to her, like he was to Jason.  Spinelli’s upset but agrees to help out, saying Jason’s been a better friend and that it will be hard to handle his death.  Spin says he has faith in Robin.  Jason asks to find out all he can of the DVD and to tell him and not Sam. 

Carly stands by Johnny’s car, leaving voice messages for him until he finally shows up.  She wants to know where’s he’s been.  He says he’s been walking on ledges, and that it’s quite a rush.  Carly says she was worried about him. She wonders how long he’ll keep this up and that pity is unattractive.  Johnny says he didn’t know there were rules to finding out ones sister is actually their mother. 

Alexis wonders why she bothers attending these parties, since they never end well. She then spends the episode calling home to check on Molly, who doesn’t answer.  Diane tells her that Molly is trustworthy and to loosen the reigns or Molly will rebel. 

Matt complains about Maxie to Liz and proceeds to get rip roaring drunk.  Liz offers water, but he’s not interested.  Kate returns from somewhere outside and cries to Olivia.

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Molly calls Michael when the party starts to get rowdy.  Some teenager starts getting friendly with her and she falls for it.  Someone else gives her “punch” and Molly ends up getting drunk.  The boy wants to take her to her room, but TJ stops them.  TJ wants to end the party, just as Michael arrives and puts a stop to it.  Michael finds Molly passed out in the hall. 

Carly says Johnny has been wallowing since finding out the truth and that she understands self sabotage, but that Johnny knew how Sonny would react.  Carly says Johnny provoked Sonny, but the good thing is that he can no longer be blackmailed. Everyone knows the secret.  She says he now has to decide what he wants.  Johnny thinks he wants revenge. 

Carly says Claudia was a child when she had him and Anthony has been trying to justify everything, so Johnny would blame her.  She feels Claudia lost her sanity after her miscarriage.  Johnny thinks there might have been times when Claudia tried to tell him the truth, but he didn’t listen.  Johnny wonders why Carly is trying to save him. He reminds her of all the times she saved Sonny.  Carly says she tried, but ultimately couldn’t save Sonny and that you can only save yourself.  Johnny asks her to come home with him.

Olivia’s tired of Steve and Maggie’s little whispers and confronts them.  Maggie claims they’re having an affair. However, before Olivia can respond Dante returns and announces that Sonny has been shot and he needs a doctor.  Drunken Matt volunteers, but Steve calls him off. Mac asks what Dante saw, but he says he didn’t’ see the shooter.  Kate is upset, claims it was Johnny and wants to follow them, but Mac says it’s a crime scene. He wants everyone to stay put so he can question them later.  When they get down to the parking garage, Sonny is gone and he’s left a trail of blood.  Kate’s all upset. 

Robin finds Patrick in the lab, pulls him out and does CPR.  Patrick tells her that he knocked something over.  Robin is worried about the protocol and decides to rush back in and get it. However, when she does, the door locks behind her. An alarm goes off signaling there’s been a toxic spill and the outer doors will lock.  Robin manages to get the vial out to Patrick and tells him to take it to Jason. 

She tells him to hug Emma and that she loves him.  Patrick declares his love, but is forced to leave before the outer doors lock.  Robin passes out from the fumes, as the lab explodes. 

As a giant Robin Scorpio/KimberlyMcCullough fan, it annoys me to no end that her death needed to be shared with Sonny getting shot and a Jason/Spinelli lovefest. I refuse to believe that my Robin is dead.

Question of the day:  Couldn’t Patrick have held the lab door open while she ran in to get the vial?

Spoiler free theory of the day: Kate’s the one who shot Sonny, as one of her alters.