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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin and Patrick declare their love for each other.  He leaves, she passes out and the lab explodes.  Patrick tries to open the hall doors. He manages to break off one of the handles, but can’t get it open.  He calls 911 from the hall phone to send firefighters. 

Anna and Spinelli feel the explosion. She’s concerned, since Emma’s sleeping in one of the rooms and she can’t investigate. 

Jason and Sam feel the explosion. Jason wants to check it out, but Sam refuses to let him go.  When Spin returns, Sam leaves to check out the explosion. Spin tells Jason that the video footage is authentic.  Jason wonders how Franco would have gotten a hold of it.  Jason wonders what Franco is trying to tell him. 

Mac questions Dante, who says he didn’t see the shooter, but has an idea of where Sonny went.  Steve takes Kate back upstairs.  Mac wonders if they’re on the verge of another mob war, but Dante feels that it’s more personal than that. 

Johnny takes Carly back to his place to warm up. The two continue to discuss what Sonny did.  Carly feels someone needs to walk away and since it likely won’t be Sonny, that it should be Johnny.  Johnny accuses her of working him to help her ex.  Carly says she’s tired of back and forth games he’s playing with her. She goes to leave, but Johnny stops her. He says she’s the only one he can talk to. He tells her to go take a shower to warm up, which Carly does. 

Sonny shows up at Johnny’s and accuses him of the shooting.  He says Johnny’s luck has run out and he’s tired of Johnny involving his kids.  Johnny says the kids have come to him.  Sonny starts talking smack about Claudia. He claims Johnny is a punk kid and in over his head.  Carly comes down the stairs, surprised to see a bleeding Sonny. 

Carly swears Johnny was with her the entire time he left the hotel.  Sonny pulls a gun. He says Johnny was the one who shot at him in the garage.  Johnny swears he was on the hotel rooftop. Carly says she has surveillance cameras and will check his alibi.  Johnny says he would gladly kill Sonny, but he would look him in the eye to do it.  Carly asks why Johnny would have only taken one shot. Sonny says Dante was with him and that Johnny tried to kill Dante.   

Michael worries that Molly has alcohol poisoning. TJ claims she didn’t drink enough for that.  Michael’s about to take Molly to the hospital when she comes to.  He explains to her that she’s drunk, even though Molly insists she didn’t have any alcohol.  Michael is glad Molly called him and is sure it was all a mistake. 

Michael accuses TJ of causing the problem and taking advantage of Molly.  TJ swears he wasn’t the one who got her drunk.  Michael says he forced Molly into a situation she couldn’t handle. If TJ ever hurt Molly again, Michael swears he’ll put TJ in the hospital.  Michael calls Alexis, but Molly yells at him not to and grabs the phone.  Alexis hears Molly yelling and figures something is wrong and she needs to get home. 

Dante asks Mac for time to find Sonny and diffuse the situation. He promises to call for help if he needs it.  Alexis wants a squad car to get home, but Mac offers to drive her instead.  Mac tells Dante that he has an hour to find his father.  Mac gets the call about the hospital explosion and drives Alexis home first. 

Anthony returns to the restaurant. Tracy wonders where he’s been.   He says he went looking for Johnny.  She asks if he was down in the parking garage, because Sonny was shot down there.  Anthony gleefully asks if Sonny died.

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Steve and Kate return. She’s freaking out and saying she’s worried about Sonny. Olivia asks if Kate is okay. However, Kate loses her ish and freaks out that Sonny has been shot, he never listens to her and does what he wants. She throws over a table and some chairs as she storms out.  Olivia is shocked by that behavior.  Steven wants to talk to her about Maggie’s comment of an affair, but Olivia says she needs to find Kate. 

Anthony thinks maybe Kate was the shooter. Tracy claims Kate would have no motive, because she loves Sonny, but Johnny did.  Anthony says he knows his son and knows Johnny didn’t do it.  He believes Johnny would have done it face to face and not from the shadows. He reiterates again that it could be Kate and says there is a fine line between love and hate.  Kate heads back to the parking garage and dips her fingers into Sonny’s blood. 

Carly wonders why Sonny would think that Johnny would shoot Dante. Sonny feels that Johnny wants to take something valuable away from him and that he wanted to kill Dante, so Sonny could watch him die.  Johnny points out that cop killing is a mandatory life sentence and despite his hatred of Sonny, he’s not worth it.  Carly says if Sonny shoots Johnny the cops will be all over him.  Sonny’s shocked (SHOCKED, I tell ya!) that Carly would turn him in.  Carly says she won’t cover for him if he kills an innocent man. 

Sonny feels that if Johnny had tried to kill Michael instead of Dante, Carly would be the one with the gun.  He swears he’ll protect his kids.  Dante arrives and tells Sonny to put the gun down.  Sonny tells Dante to take Carly home and to look the other way.  Sonny says he took a bullet for Dante and that he’s calling in the favor and that Dante should go home to Lulu and pretend he was never there.  Sonny says he respects Dante’s badge. He’d never make him an accessory to a crime, but that he always protects his kids. 

Dante says he now understands what that means to his father, but he can’t look the other way while Sonny commits murder.  He asks for Sonny’s gun.  Sonny asks what would happen if he gives his gun and then Johnny hurts Dante.  Johnny starts to say he’d never hurt Dante, but Sonny cuts him off. 

Carly says Sonny needs to get to a hospital before he passes out. She doesn’t want him to get sent to prison for the kid’s sake.  Sonny points out she always says that when it’s something she wants.  Sonny says if Johnny’s not the shooter, then who is? He asks about Anthony.  Johnny says he wasn’t there, but that it wouldn’t be the first time that Anthony went after a Corinthos. 

Dante asks if it was Anthony that shot him at the warehouse, Johnny should tell the police.  Johnny says he’ll mention what happened here too. Dante points out that all that happened was that he and Sonny had bad words and Sonny left.  Sonny says Johnny has a guardian angel.  Carly points out that this is the second time in less than a year that she and Dante have stopped Sonny from destroying his life. The last time was the night he tried to kill Jax. 

Sonny allows Dante to lead him away.  Carly turns to Johnny and asks about his innocence.  He says he was on the ledge and to check her cameras.  Carly says she has no cameras, it was a lie because she didn’t want Sonny to kill him.  Johnny swears he didn’t take a shot at Sonny or Dante tonight or at Dante at the warehouse.  Carly asks if Anthony did or if Johnny just put a target on his father’s back. 

Alexis gets home to find the house in shambles. She demands to know what happened.  When Molly tries to explain, Alexis realizes she’s drunk. She asks about Michael’s involvement.  He says he got there at the end and sent all the kids home.  Alexis accuses TJ, saying she gave him a break once before and this is how he thanks her.  She wants to file charges against him, but Molly claims the party was her idea. 

Sonny tells Dante not to take him to the hospital, he’s got a guy who can fix him up.  Dante says he knows his father went after Johnny to protect him.  Sonny admits it’s not the way Dante would want to be protected. Dante realizes that his father has been listening to him and maybe there’s a chance for him after all.  Sonny jokingly asks if Dante will now take his money. He laughs when Dante says no.  Dante thanks Sonny for saving his life. 

Anna runs into Sam and they discuss the explosion. She mentions that Robin was at the lab. Sam heads in that direction. She watches as firefighters arrive and break down the door.  One holds Patrick back, saying they don’t know what they’re up against.  The firefighter comes back and tells Patrick that no one could survive a fire that hot. He hands Patrick Robin’s wedding ring.  Patrick goes into the burned up lab, sees a tarp covered body on the floor and drops to the floor crying. 

Sam gets back to Jason’s room and he demands to know what’s going on. 

Patrick runs into Anna, who demands to know what’s going on and asks where Robin is.  Patrick is too overcome with grief to answer.