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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kudos to Jason Thompson and Finola Hughes for some fantastic work. 

Patrick tries to explain to Anna what happened, how the doors were locked and he couldn’t get in.  Anna asks if Robin is hurt. She is devastated when she learns the truth.  Anna wonders why Robin went back into the lab after saving Patrick. He says Robin went back to get Jason’s medicine and that Robin died to save that son of a bitch.  Patrick cries and says he’s sorry he couldn’t save her. 

Anna says she needs to see Robin and to hold her, otherwise she won’t believe it.  Patrick says she was burned beyond recognition.  He feels he needs to see Emma and to hold her.  He can’t believe this is actually happening.  Anna tells him to go and be with Emma, because she needs to make calls to Mac and to Robert. 

Dante takes Sonny to the hospital. He wonders if his father is going after Anthony. Dante feels badly that Sonny took a bullet for him, despite his contempt for Sonny.  Sonny doesn’t care if Dante hates him, he’ll do everything to protect his son.  Dante now understands this.  Dante thanks Sonny for saving his life and calls him dad. 

Sonny apologizes for throwing the benefit, even though Dante didn’t want it.  Dante feels he could have been more gracious.  Sonny says he doesn’t want to disappoint his son. Dante tells him not to go after Anthony.  Sonny says he can’t ignore the man that nearly killed his son. 

Carly points out to Johnny that Sonny is protective of his kids and will likely go after Anthony.  Is that really what Johnny wants?  Carly understands Johnny’s love/hate relationship with Anthony. She had a similar one with her mother.  Johnny says her mother and Anthony aren’t the same person.  He claims he doesn’t want to be a part of Anthony’s life. 

Carly points out that Johnny could have given up Anthony a long time ago, but didn’t. She says he still thinks of Anthony as his father. He doesn’t want Anthony dead.  Johnny says he’ll admit to that, if she admits she’s still in love with Sonny.  Carly says they’ll always be connected through the kids. 

Olivia finds Kate in the parking garage.  Olivia says she was worried, since Kate seemed to be lost inside herself. Kate says she’s worried about Sonny. Dante calls and says Sonny is fine and at the hospital.  Olivia offers to drive a distracted Kate. 

Sam tells Jason that the fire was contained and there’s no need to evacuate.  Jason asks where the explosion happened. Sam tells him it was the lab. Jason asks about Robin, then gets a headache.  Sam lies and says Robin is fine. She says Robin wasn’t in the lab when it blew up.

Jason wonders if the drug was destroyed, but Sam doesn’t know.  He wants to go find Robin, but Sam says he shouldn’t.  He asks Sam to go get Robin and bring her to him, so he can ask if he can go home and thank her. 

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Alexis can’t believe Molly had a party and trashed the house. She feels she needs to continue to monitor her.  TJ speaks up and says Alexis is messing up Molly’s life.  Alexis tells him to shut his mouth.  Molly says she wanted to be cool for once and then heads off to her room.  Michael tells Alexis to go easy on Molly. However, Alexis tells him he has his own parent to worry about.  Mac tells Michael that Sonny was shot.   Mac gets the call from Dante saying Sonny’s at the hospital. Michael decides to head over there, after telling Molly to call him no matter what she needs. 

Shawn shows up to pick up TJ. He can’t believe Molly would throw a party and let it get out of hand.  Mac tells Molly that Alexis would have been responsible if one of the drunken kids had hurt someone.  Alexis says Molly is grounded. TJ asks why. Alexis points out that this is what good parents do.  Shawn is surprised Molly would do this. TJ speaks up and admits it was his idea and not Molly’s. 

TJ says he wanted Molly to have friends and that he’s sorry for what happened.  Shawn drags TJ off. Alexis tells Molly that she can’t be friends with him anymore. 

Sonny is stitched up.  Dante jokes that he either needs a bullet proof vest or a new career.  Dante says he’s had some close calls lately and to leave Anthony alone.  Kate arrives and cries over Sonny.  Olivia asks Dante where he found Sonny. Dante explains what happened at Johnny’s. 

Sonny tells Kate that Johnny wasn’t the shooter. It was likely Anthony and he was aiming for Dante.  Kate is shocked that Sonny jumped in front of the bullet that it almost got him killed.  Kate tells him to let the police deal with Anthony. However, Sonny says they can’t do what he can.  Kate says if he goes after Anthony, then it’s over between them.

Dante tells Olivia that Sonny saved his life, but that he doesn’t know how to feel.  Olivia says his father loves him and this proved it. 

Johnny is suspicious of why Carly is with him. She says she was worried about him.  He asks her who she wants and asks about Shawn.  Carly says Shawn was a good guy, but that’s it.  She says she’s with Johnny because she owes him. Johnny says he knows guilt when he sees it and wonders what she feels guilty about.  Carly says she feels responsible for what Sonny does.  Carly tells Johnny to call Anthony and warn him that Sonny is coming after him.  Shawn shows up to see Carly. 

Maxie gets home, babbling to Spinelli about the benefit and leaving a drunken Matt in a room there. Then she notices he’s not responding to her.  Spin mentions that he might lose a dear friend. Maxie realizes he’s worried about Jason. She assures him that Robin is working on the cure. She mentions seeing Robin in the lab earlier.  Spin says Jason is his friend, mentor and changed his life.  Maxie offers to go to the hospital with him and speak with Robin, but remembers she has to get back to a drunken Matt at the hotel. 

Sam runs into Monica, who knows what happened to Robin.  Sam says she couldn’t tell Jason the truth for fear it would kill him.  Monica says the drug wasn’t finished before Robin died.  Sam says she doesn’t know what to do now. If she tells Jason its okay to go home that he’ll know something is up.  Monica offers to sit with Jason while Sam clears her head. 

Anna leaves an urgent message for Robert to call her back.  Mac shows up for Sonny, but spots Anna. He is thrilled to see her and hugs her. 

Sam runs into Patrick, who has taken the vial out of his pocket.  She asks if it’s Jason’s medicine, if it’s ready and will it save Jason’s life.