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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Mac hugs Anna, happy to see her, but then wonders why she’s so upset.  Anna tells Mac that Robin died. Mac is shocked and protests that Robin’s viral load is okay now and that she’s fine.  Anna explains about the explosion in the lab and that Robin didn’t make it. 

Mac wants to see the body, thinking maybe it isn’t her. However, Anna says everything burned and he doesn’t want to see that.  Anna says she’s grateful to him for being there for Robin.  Mac says he needs to find Maxie, so she doesn’t hear it from someone else. However, he doesn’t want to leave Anna.  She says she has to take care of Emma and to go.  After he leaves, Anna smashes the door and cries. 

Sam asks if the vial is Jason’s protocol and if it will work.  Patrick says that it doesn’t matter, Robin died working on the drug and there’s no way Patrick will let Jason have it.  Sam is shocked and says Patrick has to help. However, Patrick feels it’s Jason’s fault that Robin is dead.  Patrick is upset that Robin would have gone back for Jason. Sam claims Robin would have done it for anyone.  Patrick yells at her not to talk about his wife as though she knows what Robin was thinking. 

Sam says no child should grow up without a parent, including hers.  Patrick is angry that she would use that card.  Sam says her child won’t have a father and to give her baby a chance.  Patrick says he needs to tell Emma that she no longer has a mother.  Sam claims Robin would want him to save Jason.  Patrick says he doesn’t care about Jason or saving his life. 

Sam says she isn’t asking for Patrick to do the surgery. He says he’s the only one who can.  She yells at him to do it, to save Jason.  Patrick asks why he should, it won’t change who Jason is.  Jason didn’t change for Jake, for her and won’t change for this baby.  Sam says Jason deserves to be a father, but Patrick doesn’t believe that he does.  Sam begs him.  Patrick says she doesn’t know how he feels right now, but Sam says she will if he doesn’t help.  She tells him not to take his pain out on Jason. 

Tracy and Anthony get home to find Edward waiting up for them.  Anthony tells him that someone shot at Sonny. Edward isn’t that sad about it.  Tracy accuses Anthony of doing it, but he says he never does things halfway. If he’d taken the shot, Sonny would be dead.  When Anthony leaves the room, Edward isn’t happy that Tracy has married someone who will put the family in danger.  He says Sonny will retaliate and they will all pay the price. 

Michael gets to the hospital and wants to see Sonny.  Dante says Kate’s in with him and to wait.  Dante tells Michael that Johnny wasn’t the shooter, but that Anthony likely was. 

Sonny tells Kate not to expect him to walk away from Anthony, but Kate says again that she’ll leave.  Kate says more blood will be spilled and it won’t just be Sonny’s. Sonny tells her not to make him choose between her or Dante.  Kate says she isn’t going through this again and storms off.

Sonny wants to leave, but Dante says he’ll arrest him if he’s going after Anthony.  Dante sees Mac, upset.  Mac announces that Robin is dead.  Sonny can’t believe it, but Mac says he should be used to people dying around him.  Michael says Sonny had nothing to do with it.  Mac accuses Sonny of causing Robin pain over the years, that she would have been better off never meeting him or Stone. 

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Sonny says Robin loved Stone, but Mac counters that Sonny hurts those he loves. He points to Michael, who was shot because of Sonny and to Dante who was shot by Sonny.  Mac says Robin fought her battles with dignity, courage and had a husband, daughter and people who cared for her. Now she’s gone.  Sonny claims he’ll miss her. Mac asks if Jason will miss her too, since it’s his fault that Robin is dead.  Mac says Jason’s life is not worth saving and neither is Sonny’s.  Dante offers to take Mac somewhere and tells Michael to keep an eye on Sonny.    

Shawn wants to speak to Carly alone, so Johnny leaves the room to call Anthony.  Shawn says Carly matters to him and he wants to be with her.  Carly is speechless.  Shawn says he’s hasn’t felt something for anyone for a long time, but now has feelings for her.  He asks about her feelings, but she doesn’t answer him.  Shawn realizes she’s not interested, and leaves.  

Johnny calls Anthony and tells him about Sonny’s visit.  He says Dante was the target and that Sonny believes Anthony was behind it.  Anthony asks if Johnny ratted him out. Johnny claims he just didn’t correct Sonny’s assumption.  He says he’s just giving him a head’s up.

Ethan and Cassandra are making out. Cass claims she’s never felt this way before.  Ewen shows up and accuses of Cass of lying about her lack of memories.  He feels Cass has been keeping things from him.  Cass says she trusted him to be on her side and fires Ewen.  After Ewen leaves, Cassandra declares her love for Ethan and wants to run away together.  He wonders what’s going on and the door to the tunnels opens. 

Ewen gets back to the mainland and finds Kate in her bloody wedding dress, standing on the docks, ready to jump. 

Michael understands what Robin meant to Sonny.  Sonny reminisces about Robin, Stone and starts to cry.  Michael hugs him.  Sonny says he promised Stone that he would take care of Robin, but now he needs to make sure nothing happens to his kids.  He tells Michael to pay Jason a visit and assures him that he’ll wait for his discharge papers. 

Sam says Robin would want Patrick to save Jason. She wouldn’t want Jason to die.  Patrick says Robin wouldn’t want Emma growing up without a mother either. Going back in the lab was a mistake.  Sam asks how he got the vial from the lab. She says Robin gave it to him because she wanted him to save Jason and that he needs to honor that.  Patrick says he doesn’t need to do anything, the answer is no.   

Sam says Jason will die without Patrick’s help and he’s a doctor.  Patrick says he’s a husband who just lost his wife.  Sam asks if it’s ok to ruin her life and if it will that make him feel better.  Patrick says Jason doesn’t get his happy ending. 

Johnny tells Carly that he gave Anthony a heads up.  He wonders why Carly didn’t go after Shawn.  Carly says she doesn’t want Shawn and that Johnny has gotten to her.  They kiss.

Anthony tells Tracy that Johnny called, Sonny is after him, but swears he isn’t the shooter.   Tracy tells him to get out of the house before Sonny shows up, because he’s putting them all at risk.  Sonny arrives and says it’s too late. 

Sam tells Patrick that he’s a good man and should do the right thing.  Anna walks up and Sam offers her condolences before leaving.  Anna says she left word for Robert and told Mac.  Patrick says Robin is dead and in his mind, so is Jason.