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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I must say, I have been impressed with the show the past few days, most especially today, with several different stories being played out.

Dante gets home to Lulu and explains what happened at the benefit. He tells her someone took a shot at him and that Sonny took the bullet instead. Dante says he spent so much time pushing his father away, only to have him save his life. Lulu says Sonny was looking out for his kid. Dante says he always thought of Sonny as a mobster first and a father second. It turns out it was the other way.

Sonny says he needs to speak to Anthony about a bullet meant for Dante. Tracy says it won’t happen in her house and to get out. Sonny says Anthony has been a problem for a long time, but that’s over now. Tracy can’t believe Sonny would threaten Anthony in her own home. She tells him to get out before she calls the police. Sonny doesn’t understand why she wouldn’t want him to get rid of Anthony for her.

Anthony eggs Sonny on. He walks right up to the gun and tells Sonny to go ahead and shoot him, right in front of his wife, who’ll testify and send Sonny to prison. Sonny tells Tracy it’s just business and to leave the room. Tracy deliberates, but eventually tells Sonny that he’s done. If he doesn’t leave, she’ll start screaming and the staff will bear witness. Sonny says this could have been the answer to all her problems. Tracy says it would mean siding with him. Sonny tells Anthony he won’t be able to hide forever.

Ewen introduces himself to Kate as a doctor. She’s surprised that she’s there in that dress. Kate seems confused about the night’s events. She remembers that she was at the hospital with Sonny, and how she broke up with him. Kate claims to be missing chunks of time, and that she’s seeing a shrink, but it isn’t helping. Ewen asks if there are specific triggers. He offers to take her to the hospital, but Kate gets skittish and runs off.

Michael tells Sam that he’s heard about Robin. Sam says Jason can’t know or it will kill him. Sam explains that Patrick has the drug, but refuses to give it. Michael tells her to talk to Monica. However, Sam says Patrick wants Jason to pay for Robin’s death. Michael doesn’t understand, since Robin’s death was an accident, how Jason can’t be blamed. Sam says Patrick isn’t himself right now, because he’s lost his wife, the mother of his daughter and now her baby will lose Jason. Michael’s surprised to hear that she’s pregnant.

Patrick wonders why Jason gets to live, while Robin doesn’t. He says it’s Jason’s fault that Robin isn’t here. Anna says it was an accident and not Jason’s fault. Patrick swears he won’t save Jason. Patrick says Jason doesn’t deserve to live and thus, why save him. Anna says he was Robin’s friend and that Robin would never have forgiven him.

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Anna says Robin would have helped anyone that she always wanted to make a difference. He can’t’ turn his back on everything she stood for. She says Robin can’t be here for the people that she loves, but that those patients are his now and he needs to find a way to honor Robin.

Helena comes out of the tunnel. She says it’s time to end the charade and tell Ethan the truth. Ethan’s shocked that Cassandra knows Helena. He is even more shocked when it turns out that Cassandra is actually Irena Cassadine, Helena’s daughter. Cass says she was forced to play a part in the vendetta against Laura and the Spencers.

Starr, her boyfriend and daughter are driving through Port Charles on their way somewhere. The airport maybe? It was hard for me to be invested in them since I never watched OLTL and have no clue who they are, or why I should care. All I kept thinking was how much she could pass as Lulu’s sister.

Dante says things have come full circle. Sonny tried to kill him and now has saved his life. Dante’s happy that Sonny’s in a hospital bed and not out waging revenge. Lulu wonders on whom. Dante explains about Johnny. Dante tells Lulu what happened with Robin, upset that good people die. He says he’s lucky he has her in his life and would be devastated if he lost her.

Cassandra claims she’s fallen in love with Ethan for real and doesn’t want to lose him. Helena says Cass is still playing him. She then pulls Luke out of the tunnels. Ethan is shocked that his father was held captive all this time, saying he would have come looking for Luke if he had known. Luke asks what the plan is. Helena says it’s time for one of them to die. Ethan wonders why Helena kept Luke alive. She says Luke will have the privilege of watching his son die in front of him, knowing he can’t do anything about it.

Michael decides he’ll talk to Patrick, since he knows about the grief of losing someone and wanting to blame everyone. Sam stops him and says they need to pray that Patrick changes his mind. Michael says he’ll check on Sonny and explains what happened. Michael says Jason would want to know about Robin, but Sam says she can’t risk it.

Anthony wonders why Tracy went to bat for him, if she doesn’t believe he’s innocent of the shooting. Tracy says she didn’t want Monica to be mad at her for the bullet holes and the blood on the carpet. Anthony decides to head to the airport, but doesn’t want to tell Tracy where he’s going, in case she decides to tell Sonny. Anthony says he’ll remember what she did for him and will repay her kindness. Tracy asks for a divorce, but he thinks they’re just getting started.

Patrick goes to Sam and says he hasn’t been able to tell Emma that her mother is gone. Sam asks what he would do if things were reversed and Jason had died saving Robin. She asks if Robin died for nothing. Patrick says he’ll do the surgery, because it’s what Robin would have wanted.

Anthony’s heading to the airport and suddenly is being chased, likely by Sonny. He he starts speeding and loses control of the car, right in front of Starr’s car.