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Around the Web: Reactions to Will's Big Gay Kiss on DAYS!

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Days of Our Lives' first ever gay kiss has set the blogosphere last week, generating coverage from Perez Hilton to The Huffington Post.  The scene between Will Horton (Chandler Massey) and Neil (Jesse Kristofferson), had Perez gushing,

And it's not just a kiss… it's a HOT STEAMY make-out sesh!! YUM!!

Kudos to DooL and NBC for not bowing down to bigoted pressure!!

Deep Soap’sSara Bibel weighed in, commenting on how few gay characters remain in daytime and the risk and opportunity this storyline provides DAYS.

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Since there are now only four soaps on the air, Will and Sonny are the only gay contract characters on daytime dramas.

Will’s kiss risks alienating some of the show’s older, more conservative viewers, but may bring in a younger, more diverse audience.

Queerty couldn’t help but note how long it has taken Will to get to this point.

Storylines on daytime dramas are notoriously long and slow: Will (Chandler Massey) was actually introduced as a baby in 1995 and only got some lip action with a random dude named Neil on Thursday. At this rate, he’ll get some bed scenes by 2016.

By then, of course, all soaps will be replaced by hardcore porn.

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