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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: How Will Victor React to Victoria's New Job Offer, Nikki's Confrontation and Adam's Mea Culpa?!

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Michael/Lauren: The legal eagle is worried about his wife. Things go from bad to worse for Lauren when she finds out where Daisy is moving to .

Phyllis/Paul/Ricky: Big Red makes up her mind to publish devious Ricky's story. When P.I. Paul finds out, he rips them a new one.

Daniel: He is pissed at Phyllis for yet another family secret.

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Billy: He gets a job opportunity. Billy's new gig could possibly keep him away from Victoria.

Chelsea: The con artist starts to get attached to her baby boy. 

Devon: The music mogul in the making gets ready for his surgery. Devon's family waits on pins and needles for the results.

Nikki: The socialite sits down with Victor to discuss his lies yet again.

Adam/Sharon: The Black Sheep stuns his lady love by wanting to head back to Genoa City. Adam is eager to end his feud with Victor. Meanwhile, Sharon learns some troubling news regarding Adam that could blow their relationship sky high.

Victoria: Genevieve Genaura asks her to run Beauty of Nature and she accepts. Victor is not thrilled to know his eldest is now working  for the woman who snatched his company!