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Wishful Casting Poll: Which Soap Hunk Should Play General Hospital's Dillon Q?

If you ask most General Hospital fans (definitely the ones who log onto message boards and blogs like this one) what they'd most like to see happen with the soap, a good many would likely mention rebuilding the decimated Quartermaine family. While Edward (John Ingle), Monica (Leslie Charleson) and Tracy (Jane Elliott) all still live in the fictional burg of Port Charles, New York—and are even interacting a bit more with prodigal Q's Jason (Steve Burton) and Michael (Chad Duell)— there's no denying the days of the classic Q's from the 80's and 90's acting out Shakespearean tragedies and comedies in Monica's living room, have been over for years.


All of that being said, there is a whole generation of young adult Quartermaines whom PC purists would love to see come home, one being Tracy's youngest son Dillon Quartermain (né Hornsby). Last played by Scott Clifton, Dillon's comic interplay with his stepfather Luke (Tony Geary), as well as his saccharine-sweet love story with Felicia and Frisco's youngest daughter Georgie (Lindze Letherman) made the character a fan fave. Even when his wandering, teenage pecker had him cheating on Georgie with Paprika, er Sage Alcazar, or bumping uglies with his stepsister Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) on the boathouse floor, all it took was one of Dillon's "awe shucks" looks, or frantic ramblings about wanting to be the next Spielberg, and Georgie and fans alike were forgiving him.

With Clfton currently logging time on the very frontburner as Liam on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful, it isn't likely he'll be bringing Dillon back to Port Charles anytime soon, however with all the recent soap cancellations and cut backs, a slew of Clifton's soap-o-peers are currently out of a day(time) job. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Clifton's fellow One Life to Live alum Josh Kelly (ex-Cutter) provide a slightly edgier take on the role. 

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Speaking of OLTL, what about Clifton's onetime onscreen sorta brother John-Paul Lavoisier (ex-Rex)? When the two acted together in Llanview, fans couldn't get over how similar their quirky mannerisms were. Also from OLTL, there's David Gregory (ex-Ford), although since Gregory just played a horny, aspiring filmmaker, that might be a little deja vu for fans who watched both soaps.

If it would just be too weird to recast the role of Dillon with an ex-OLTL star, what with Starr (Kristen Alderson) and the gang in town, maybe ex-Days of Our Lives hunk Brandon Beemer would work? Beemer and his abs were just bumped to recurring at B&B, and if there is anyone who knows how to make good and proper use of eye candy, it's Frank and Ron. What do you guys think?

If GH were to bring back Dillon Quartermaine, who should play the role?