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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam is thrilled that Patrick will do the procedure and thanks him. Patrick says he’s doing it for Robin.  Sam says he can’t tell Jason the truth about Robin, it will kill him. That is a concept Patrick isn’t all that sad about.  Patrick says Robin is dead because of Jason and now Sam wants him to protect Jason’s feelings. 

Jason dreams of Robin and asks if she was hurt in the explosion. She says she’s not feeling any pain.  Jason tells her he wants a life with Sam and the baby.  Ghost Robin morphs into Monica, who’s sitting at Jason’s bedside when he wakes up. 

Star comes to. She gets out of the car to go to Cole’s side to try and get him out. However, the door is stuck and the car is on an embankment.  Cole comes to, as Star is trying to open his door.  He thinks his leg is broken and can’t move.  She tells him not to rock the car, while she gets help.

Dante still can’t believe Sonny jumped in front of the bullet for him, but according to Lulu, Daddy loves him. Lulu’s still horrified at the Robin news. She thinks she should go and tell Maxie.  Dante assures her that’s what Mac is doing and they just need to pray.  Lulu wonders how he can believe in God after this. Dante says God brought him back to her tonight. 

Helena declares an eye for an eye; she’ll take Ethan in exchange for Stavros.  Helena’s thrilled that her plan to have Luke’s son fall in love with her daughter worked so well. Irina will be Ethan’s downfall.  Irina tells her mother that she doesn’t want anything to do with this plan, but Helena says Irina will be the one to kill Ethan. 

Mac shows up at Maxie’s apartment, looking for her, but finds Spinelli. He tells Spin that Robin has died.  Spin offers his condolences, claiming Robin was loved by all.  Mac says Maxie will be devastated.  He can’t wait for Maxie any longer and tells Spinelli to be the one to tell Maxie.  Mac says Spin is her friend and she’ll need him. 

Matt wakes up, hung over at the hotel, with Maxie beside him. He reminds her that they’ve broken up.  Maxie swears she made a mistake and she’s sorry.  Matt’s upset that she went after Liz’s job.  Maxie says again that Liz has plenty of people to help her.  Matt says they are not okay, that they’re done.  Maxie wants to know what it will take to get back into his good graces. He says to call Monica and get Liz job back. 

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Patrick goes into Jason’s room and tells him Robin is gone, which confuses Jason.  Sam jumps in and declares Robin to have gone home to rest. Patrick says Robin worked tirelessly for Jason and hopes Jason appreciates everything she gave up.  Jason assures Patrick that he does appreciate all that Robin has done.  Patrick says if Jason wants to repay Robin, he should make his life worth saving.  After Patrick leaves, Monica thinks she should call in Dr. Maruchi for the surgery. Sam insists it be Patrick since he’s Jason’s surgeon.  Jason doesn’t understand their concern, since Robin said it was a minor surgery.

Michael shows up at Dante’s and tells him that Sonny left the hospital.  Dante figures his father is going after Anthony and decides to go find him.  Michael offers to go with, figuring it will take both of them to talk Sonny down. After they leave, Lulu calls Lucky. She tells him about Robin and says Luke would want to know.  She also tries to get a hold of Ethan.  

Maxie leaves a voice message on Monica’s machine, claiming to have made up the stuff about Liz and asks her to give Liz her job back. Matt tells her he’s tired of her games, and how she tried to make him jealous with Spinelli. Maxie asks what she can do and he tells her to get Spin to move out.  Matt admits that he’s missed her, so Maxie says she’ll tell Spinelli in person.  After Maxie leaves, Matt has a memory of being drunk on the boat the night Lisa died. 

Irina balks at shooting Ethan, but eventually agrees to it.  Helena hands her the gun. Irina turns in on Helena and shoots, only to find that Helena has loaded it with blanks. It was a test.  Helena tells her henchmen to kill Irina, which the henchman does.  Ethan is shocked Helena would kill her own daughter.  Helena wonders if Luke is shocked, but he’s just disgusted that she would murder her own child. 

Helena says that Stavros deserves vengeance. With Lucky gone, it leaves Ethan.  She tells Ethan to say his goodbyes.  Ethan tells Luke that it was a pleasure getting to know him and having a family.  Luke says Ethan is the most like him and he’s done him proud. 

Anthony comes to and gets out of his car.  Star yells at him to help her get Cole and the baby out.  He says he has to leave, since someone is after him.  Starr accuses him of causing the accident. He says it was caused by the person who shot out his tires and blames Sonny.  He lets her use his cell phone to call help and then takes off running when he hears a car coming.

Star runs back to the car, but trips and falls.  Dante and Michael come across them.  Dante chases after Anthony. Starr tells Michael to help get the other two out of the car, which Michael promises to do.  Michael can’t get the door open either and explains to Dante that the car continues to rock.  Michael says he has to get them out, since he promised a now unconscious Starr that he would.  Dante calls it in while Michael goes back to the car, but the car slips over the edge.

Maxie gets to the apartment, ready to talk to Spinelli. He says he has something important to say to her first. 

Sam tells Jason she’ll be waiting for him after the surgery. They declare their love for each other before he’s taken away.  Sam thanks Patrick for doing the surgery.  He says not to thank him just yet.  Patrick plays with his wedding ring and Ghost Robin appears behind him.  Patrick says please forgive me and Ghost Robin disappears.