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Wishful Casting: Amanda Setton as General Hospital's Brook Lynn Ashton

In keeping with my earlier post about how to rebuild the next generation of the Quartermaines, I got to thinking about Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth) and Lois Cerullo's (Rena Sofer) feisty, foxy daughter Brook Lynn, last played by Adrianne Leon. While I found Leon perfectly adequate in the role, I can't say she ever wowed me. I think the character of Brook could come on like gang busters with the right young actress in the role. In my opinion that thesp-in-bloom is frequent Gossip Girl guest star and One Life to Live alum Amanda Setton!


Setton took what could have been a throw-away role in OLTL's stripper-turned-grifter Kim Andrews and made her one of the most popular characters created under Ron Carlivati's stint as head writer for the series. I'd love to see the scribe penning scripts for Setton again — this time with the actress in the fictional Port Charles, New York as a Quartermaine heiress, by way of Bensonhurst!

Imagine Setton's Brook returning to PC and this time making a serious play for her childhood crush Dante Falconeri (Dominick Zamprogna). Maybe the songbird has netted herself an obsessed fan, while touring the college coffeehouse circuit, and needs Dante as her bodyguard, much to Lulu's (Julie Marie Berman) chagrin? Speaking of singing, with fellow wannabe pop princess Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) in town, wouldn't it be a good time to bring back Lois and Brenda (L&B) Productions? 

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The last time Brook was in town, Carly (Laura Wright) used her as a pawn to get back at Lulu and Dante for sending Brook's cousin Michael (Chad Duell) to prison. Maybe Brook wants a little revenge and will take Johnny (Brandon Barash) and/or Shawn (Sean Blakemore) to bed in order to get back at the woman who essentially pimped her out?

Or, what if Brook Lynn and her mom's old pal Sonny team up to rip Carly and Johnny apart and end up in bed together?! Imagine Ned's reaction to learning his little girl was anywhere near the thug he feels corrupted honorary Q Brenda. Sonny screwing another Q granddaughter just might be enough to make Edward (John Ingle) or Tracy (Jane Elliot) contemplate offing the dimpled don! I know Kurth is technically on Days of Our Lives, but when was the last time we saw Justin? I say it's high time we got both Brook and Ned home to Q manor! What do you guys think? Tell me you love it, or rip it to shreds in the comments!