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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante calls in the accident as Michael tries to get Hope and Cole out.  The car goes over the embankment as Dante hangs onto Michael.  Michael still wants to try and save them, since he promised Starr, but the car explodes.  Michael decides to take Starr to the hospital, as Mac arrives on the scene. 

Sonny and Sam talk.  She explains that Jason’s in surgery and that Patrick is the only one qualified.  Sam says she didn’t tell Jason about Robin because she was worried it would set him off.  Sam blames Franco for everything, saying Jason would get upset about him.  Sonny assures her that Jason will get through the operation.  Sam’s worried about Patrick changing his mind. 

Before going under Jason tells Patrick to thank Robin.  During the surgery, Ghost Robin appears. She asks Patrick what he’s doing and if he’s planning on letting Jason die on purpose.  Patrick is angry that Jason will get to live while she died. 

Before Spinelli can tell Maxie what’s happened, she blurts out that she wants him to move out as soon as possible.  Maxie says she wants her relationship with Matt to work. In order to do that she can’t continue to play games with Spin.  Spin asks for a chance to speak and tells her that Robin was killed at the hospital.  Maxie is shocked that he would say such a horrible thing to her, just because she asked him to move out.  She tells him to leave and storms off into her room.

Helena is ready to kill Ethan and savor the moment, when Holly arrives.  She says Ethan told her he was working at Windemere, which concerned her, so she decided to pay a visit.  Holly wonders why Helena wants Ethan dead.  Luke tries to pretend that the cavalry is coming but Helena’s not buying it. Holly stands in front of Ethan to protect him.

Holly is certain Helena won’t shoot her in front of witnesses, but Luke points out that Helena shot her own daughter.  Helena says Luke killed her sons.  Holly says killing Ethan won’t bring them back.    Helena wants Luke to feel the pain of losing his son.  Holly says it won’t matter, because Ethan isn’t Luke’s son. 

Dante tells Mac about the car accident. Mac wonders what kind of person runs from the scene of an accident they caused.  Dante checks the car and finds Anthony’s paperwork.  Mac sees the back tire has been shot out and wants to arrest Sonny.  Dante claims there is no proof that Sonny was involved. 

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Sonny feels Patrick doesn’t have a reason to hate Jason, like he does Sonny.  He explains to Sam about showing up at Robin’s with a gun and how he never wanted Robin to see that side of him.  After he was better he wanted to mend fences, but knew things had changed.  He says he thought there would be time to make it up to Robin.  He talks about knowing Robin with Stone and how strong she was after Stone died and then met Jason.

Sam asks why Sonny brought Jason into the organization. Sonny says it’s what Jason wanted.  He remembers getting a small Christmas tree, their first year together and then has a flashback to that.  Sonny assures Sam that Patrick won’t let Jason die.  Sam mentions the baby and Sonny is happy for them.  He leaves to get his stitches looked at, but tells Sam that Patrick will save Jason for Robin. 

Michael brings Starr into the emergency and Epiphany helps him out.  He finds her ID.  He’s upset that he couldn’t save her family.  Epiphany says it wasn’t his fault, but Michael blames himself. 

Michael tells an unconscious Starr that he wishes he could do something to stop the pain she will feel and wish he could have saved her family.  He promises to find whoever was responsible.

More problems come up during the surgery. Ghost Robin appears again, telling Patrick not to let Jason die. Emma will need him now and not to throw away his career.  Patrick is worried he can’t be the man he was without Robin. 

Helena doesn’t believe Holly’s claim, but Holly says Ethan is Robert’s son, not Luke’s.  Ethan says they had DNA tests done. Holly says they were doctored.  Helena feels it’s just a desperate ploy.

Maxie comes back to the living room and wonders why Spinelli hasn’t left yet.  He shows her internet news footage of the accident, that claimed Robin’s life.  Maxie doesn’t believe it, saying she just saw Robin in the lab and that she was mad at her.  Maxie’s upset that she didn’t say goodbye and wonders about Emma.  Spin assures her that she’ll help Emma and hugs Maxie as she breaks down and cries. 

Sonny’s back in the ER to get his stitches looked at.  Dante shows up and wonders where he’s been and what he’s done. 

Patrick finds Sam after the surgery.  She asks if it’s done and if Jason is okay.