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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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My Scorpio loving heart continues to shatter.  My beloved Robert Scorpio is back, but I can’t enjoy it.  Although Tristan Rogers is still mighty fine!

Robert arrives at the Scrubs house, telling Anna that she’d better have a good reason for having called him in from the field.  She says it’s about Robin. However, before she has a chance to say anything, Emma arrives, happy to see her Grandfather.  She asks about Mommy, but Anna says Robin is at the hospital.

When Emma leaves the room, Robert asks what’s really going on, since it’s obvious something wrong.  He wonders if Robin is sick. Anna says she’s done, that she died.  Robert refuses to believe it, saying it might not be her. Anna says Patrick witnessed it and it’s not a mistake. Robert says he has to see Robin, to say goodbye, but Anna doesn’t want that to be his last memory of her.  Robert storms off.

Sam says she knows how hard it is for Patrick. He snaps back, saying she doesn’t know the private hell he’s going through and that his daughter will be going through.  She apologizes and asks if the surgery was a success and if Jason is okay.  Patrick says it was successful, but they have to wait until Jason wakes up.  Sam thanks him, but Patrick says he didn’t do it for her or Jason, but for Robin.  He thinks he would have done the city a favor if he’d let Jason die.

Sam says she understands that Patrick is angry and devastated. She says Robin was an amazing woman.  She assures him that Robin will always be remembered, Jason loved her and will never forget.  After Sam leaves, Patrick drops down to the floor.

Helena says she isn’t convinced, even though Holly declares she isn’t lying.  Holly tries to rationalize that killing her son will not bring Helena’s sons back.  Ethan wants to know why she pushed him to Luke. He is upset that all them are playing with people’s lives.  Luke wants to know why she made him think he was Ethan’s father.

Kate and her bloody wedding gown are hanging out at Crimson, where Olivia finds her. Olivia wonders what the blue diddly is wrong with her and why she’s wearing that dress. Kate rambles on about the designer being big right now, a wedding issue of the magazine and wanting to see if the dress still fit.

Olivia says she was worried and asks why isn’t Kate with Sonny.  Kate says she broke up with Sonny because he wanted to go after Anthony.  Olivia seems fine with how Sonny keeps his children safe, but explains that people don’t change and she was right to get out now.

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Dante tells Sonny that a lot of bad things happened tonight. He asks if his father went after Anthony.  Sonny says he did what he had to do to protect his children.  Dante reminds him that they don’t know that Anthony was the shooter. He asks about Sonny going to the Quartermaines and that Sonny needs to tell him everything he did.

Michael wants to sit with Starr. Epiphany tells him not to agitate her if she wakes up.  Starr wakes up. Michael tells her where she is.  She asks about Hope and Cole, wondering where they are.  Starr accuses Michael of saying he would help them and that he promised he’d help.  She starts to get agitated so Pif comes back in and gives Michael what for and gives Starr a sedative to calm her down.

Liz is waiting for a furnace repairman when Ewen shows, apologizing for standing her up at the benefit.  He claims he was having problems with his patient.  Ewen offers to take a look at the furnace and Liz accepts.  While he’s gone, Liz gets a call from Lulu, telling her what happened to Robin.

Holly claims she was with Robert, then turned up pregnant. She seduced Luke in Singapore to claim the baby as his, because she was still in love with Luke. But then  Holly realized Luke wanted to get back with Laura, so gave him up as well as Ethan.  She declares that Ethan is a Scorpio.  Helena takes a hair from both Ethan and Luke, deciding to do her own DNA analysis.  After Helena leaves, both men ask Holly for the truth.

Dante tells Sonny that two people were killed in the car crash.  Michael shows up, explaining that Starr was asking about them.  Dante tells him it was Anthony’s car. When Michael mentions that means Anthony killed the family, Dante says whoever shot out two of the tires is responsible.  Dante asks about Sonny’s gun, but he says he got rid of it.  Dante asks if it was 9mm and if the slugs taken out of the tires match, he’ll need to talk to him again.  Sonny swears he didn’t do it and walks off.  Michael wonders what now.   

Epiphany finds Patrick on the floor and tells him not to do or say anything and to listen to her.  She understands the pain and how it sucks him in, but he needs to fight his way out.  She says he can’t fall apart now, because he has a beautiful girl at home and he needs to find the strength to tell her.  Pif tells him to give Emma jokes, songs and dances. He should do whatever it takes to keep her going.  Patrick says he can’t even get air, but she assures him he’s a good man and not to let anything stop him, not even this.

Ewen sits with Liz, who is shocked, but not able to cry.  He tells her the emotions will come when they’re ready.  Liz feels she should have been at the hospital and maybe things could have been different.  Maybe she would have taken Robin for a coffee and then the accident wouldn’t have happened.  Ewen explains that it’s survivor’s guilt.  Liz says Robin was her closest friend, and that she was strong and brave.  Liz is sad that she’s lost so much.  Ewen tells her to let it out; to think of her friend and all the things she loves about her.

Epiphany calls someone, to let them know about Starr.  Michael is still upset that he couldn’t save the family, but Dante says the shooter is responsible.  Michael thinks it’s Sonny. Dante says they don’t know that for sure.  Michael asks who else would shoot at Anthony.

Kate’s alone in her office and remembers a gun shot.  She goes over to her dress and throws it angrily across the room.  Then she picks up a bottle of perfume, smells it and seems to start transforming in front of the mirror.  Sonny shows up.

Patrick gets home and tells Anna that the surgery worked and Jason survived.  She’s proud of him and is sure Robin would be too.  Anna says Emma’s been asking for her mother and tells him that Robert showed up.

Robert’s at the door to the hospital morgue and has the flashback of meeting 7 year old Robin for the first time.