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Why I Simply Cannot Wait For SFN's 'Gorgeous' New Teen Soap!

The forward thinking peeps who brought soap fans The SFN, a destination for all things webisoap, are gearing up to produce their first in-house production, a teen sudser they've christened Gorgeous.


Gorgeous taps into the tween and teen girl zeitgeist, exploring the entrepreneurial savvy of Generation Y who love technology, shopping, fame and money,” said Stewart St. John who, with partner Todd Fisher, created the new series. ”Not only do we explore the loves and lives of the four teen girls as they build their cosmetic business, but we also spotlight the relationships between the girls and their mothers.  It’s a show with many layers and major brand appeal.”

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Originally written as a one-hour pilot, Gorgeous has already generated interest at ABC Family and Nickelodeon. Judging from what St. John and Fisher have managed to accomplish with their online TV network, airing two of the best series on the web this season, DeVanity and River Ridge, co-producing the Indie Soap Awards, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if Gorgeous proves to be hot like FIYA. I just wish someone would tell me who's gonna play Queen Bee Youch Maci Vanowen!