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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anna tells Patrick that Robert was really angry when he left. She worries he’ll do something bad. Patrick tells her she should be with Robert, that Robin would want that. Anna says Emma’s been asking about her mother. Patrick says he’ll tell her the truth. Anna says he doesn’t have to do it alone, but he says he’ll be doing everything alone from now on.

Robert is about to go into the morgue when Mac stops him. Mac says it’s not how he wants to remember Robin. Robert says it’s his daughter and Mac can’t stop him. Mac says she was burned beyond recognition and that Robin loved Robert. She would want him to remember her as she was. Robert punches Mac, runs into the room and locks the door. Mac continues to plead with him not to do it.

Johnny catches Carly leaving his apartment and wonders what the rush is. He’s looking for some morning nookie but she says she has a life and daughter to get back to. Johnny points out that Sonny has already seen her there, so there’s no need to hide. Carly asks if being together was just a way to provoke Sonny. Johnny swears he would never use Carly like that. None of this was her fault. Carly says it actually was.

Sonny’s not happy with the way things ended with Kate. She reminds him that they’re done. She shows him the bloody dress and says people get hurt around him. She says she’s kept the dress because it reminds her of the violence that touches everyone around him. Kate asked one thing of him, not to go after Anthony, and yet he did. Sonny says he can’t turn the other cheek.

Ethan and Luke demand the truth from Holly. She admits she lied to protect Ethan and that he is Luke’s son. Ethan’s still confused at how she just showed up. Holly says Luke called her weeks ago, afraid that Ethan was falling for a con woman. Ethan says Cassandra wasn’t a con woman, they fell in love.

Patrick talks about Robin and how she changed his world, challenged him. He says she was smart, beautiful and that she thought he was a player at first. Anna says she knows Robin loved him. Anna says she told her all the time how great a father he was and that Emma will need that now. Patrick feels he can’t be the father that Emma needs because so much of him is gone. Anna tells him that Robin had faith in him and to have it in himself. Patrick tells her to go and find Robert.

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Robert pulls the sheet back over the body, has the same flashback and cries, “not my baby”. Ghost Robin appears so Robert thinks she’s real and the body is a mistake. However, Robin says it’s what’s left of her. Robin asks where her father was when she was burning up in the lab. She says he’s her hero, that he can save anyone and why didn’t he save her.

Anna arrives and gets the key to go into the morgue. Robert storms out of the morgue and Mac offers to go after him.

Carly tells Johnny that she set the Claudia thing in motion, by asking Luke to find something on him. She said she didn’t realizing how big it would be and that he’d sell it to Sonny. She apologizes and says she never set out to hurt him. Johnny understands why she did it, but still blames Sonny and wants to make him pay. Carly tells him to forget about Sonny and let it go.

Kate wonders where she fits into Sonny’s personal world and whether her needs count. Sonny says again that he couldn’t let Anthony get away with anything, but she says he could have gone to the police. He says that’s not how he works. Kate says she’s been shot twice since being with him. Sonny says he should have avenged her sooner, but Kate says she doesn’t want to be avenged. She says he didn’t hear her when she asked him not to go after Anthony, but Sonny says he did hear her, but didn’t like her making demands that she knew he couldn’t meet.

Sonny says he needs Kate in his life and explains about Robin dying and how she was like a sister to him. He says he can’t lose someone else close to him. He says he wants to make it right with her. They kiss and start to make love on her desk.

Ethan declares he’s going to go after Helena for killing Cassandra. Luke says she’s his to handle and wants Ethan to hold onto the vengeance until he has a good plan. Ethan storms off to be with his thoughts. Holly says Helena won’t’ be happy when she finds out the results of the DNA test, but Luke says he won’t let her hurt his son.

Patrick’s talking to his and Robin’s wedding photo, unsure of how to tell Emma the truth. Liz arrives, offering her condolences. She says she can’t believe it’s happened. Patrick tells her about saving Jason with Robin’s drug protocol, and that Jason will live even though Robin didn’t. Liz says she made a promise to Robin to look after him and Emma and she won’t break that promise.

Johnny doesn’t want Carly leaving just yet, and they start to kiss. They end up in his bed, but Carly wants to check the news. She is shocked to hear the report that Robin has been killed.

Anna gets a text from Robert, saying: “I’m sorry. I can’t do this. I love you. Goodbye”. She calls Luke and tells him she needs his help.

Patrick says he needs to tell Emma the truth. Emma comes out and asks about Mommy, so Patrick tells her that Mommy was hurt. Emma asks if Mommy needs a band aid. Patrick says Mommy’s gone to heaven. Emma asks when she’s coming back. Liz steps in and reminds her of when Cam’s fish died and went to heaven. Patrick assures Emma that Mommy is up there with the angels, watching over her.