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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke meets Anna at Kelly’s and gives his condolences.  Anna still can’t believe Robin is gone. She is still in shock and overwhelmed.  Luke tells her to lean on those who love her.  Anna says Robin was beautiful, brilliant, but headstrong and dedicated her life to others.

Carly’s shocked and doesn’t understand how a lab can blow up and kill someone. She realizes Robin was in there to find Jason’s cure.  Johnny’s surprised at her feelings, since she and Robin never got along.  Carly says it’s sad and that Jason loved Robin.  Johnny doesn’t understand her undying loyalty to Jason. Carly says he was always there for her and she’ll be there for him now. 

Monica tells Sam that the procedure went well and Jason’s vitals are fine. However, they still don’t know how things are until Jason wakes up. Sam asks about Patrick’s abilities. Monica assures her that Patrick wouldn’t have hurt Jason deliberately. They need to wait and see.  Sam is glad she didn’t tell him about Robin before. Monica says she shouldn’t say anything until Patrick gives the ok.

Sonny wonders if he and Kate are back together now.  Kate says the good never lasts, but Sonny tells her to get out of the past.  Sonny says they should talk about his children. Kate feels on the outside, but Sonny assures her that it’s a different kind of love. They need to deal with their fear.  He wants them to put last night behind them and move on. 

Blair arrives to see Starr.  Epiphany says they’re waiting for results and Starr is still sedated. Blair is sad to hear she lost Hope and Cole. Michael tells Blair about the accident and that he hasn’t told Starr the truth.  Blair thanks him for helping.

Anthony shows up at Johnny’s, asking for his help in hiding him. He explains what happened the night before.  He believes Sonny’s the one who shot out the tires.  Johnny accuses him of shooting at Dante, but Anthony swears it wasn’t him.  Johnny cleans up Anthony’s head wound. Anthony is glad he made it, after remembering Starr’s pleas. 

Dante goes back to the Q’s and asks Tracy where Anthony is. He tells her that he caused an accident that killed two innocent people.  Tracy says she hasn’t seen him and accuses Sonny of shooting at him. She tells Dante about Sonny showing up the night before, guns blazing.  Tracy figures Dante will cover for Sonny, now that he took a bullet for Dante.  Dante says Anthony fled the scene of an accident and he can get Tracy for aiding and abetting.  Tracy kicks Dante out. 

Sam finds Carly sitting by Jason’s side, but wants her to leave.  Carly just want to sit with him and asks how things went. Sam gives her the rundown, but again tells Carly she needs to leave.  Carly says she’s here to support Jason, but Sam says she can’t risk Carly upsetting him. She says to make Jason first instead of dumping her crisis on him.  Sam says she won’t let Carly pull that crap again. 

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Anna explains to Luke that the explosion was caused by unrelated random mishaps. Luke tells her not to think of the ifs.  Anna tells him that Robert is here and she’s worried he’s going to do something stupid.  Luke assures her that Robert just needs some time.  Anna shows him Robert’s text. She is concerned by the “goodbye”.  She thinks they need to find him. 

Luke understands Robert’s pain, but doesn’t think he would do anything to himself, since he’s seen everything.  Anna says he hadn’t seen the death of his daughter. Robert fancies himself a hero and feels he should have saved Robin. She says Luke’s been Robert’s friend for so many years and asks where would he go.  Luke thinks he might know and heads off to find him. 

Michael says there was another car, but the driver took off and police are looking for him. Michael doesn’t think the driver is at fault. Blair wants to know who is.  Starr wakes up and asks her mother what happened and where her family is.  

Sonny says life’s too short. He wants to spend it with Kate. He wants them to be completely open to each other and she agrees. He invites her back to his place. She says she’ll meet him there when she’s done work.  After Sonny leaves, Kate spots the wedding dress. She puts on some of the perfume and starts to put lipstick on.  To her mirrored reflection, she says “I can’t let you do this Kate”.

Edward’s declaring it a beautiful day. Tracy sits him down and tells him she has bad news for him.  She tells him there’s been an accident at the hospital and there was a fatality.  He asks who it was. She tells him it was Robin.  Edward is devastated.  He doesn’t understand why good people like Robin die, but Sonny doesn’t.  He says she’s with the angels and his Lila now. He says “may she rest in peace.” 

Carly says she’s here for Jason, he needs his friend and must be devastated about Robin.  Sam says she hasn’t told him. Carly thinks that the stupidest thing.  Sam says she has too much at stake and won’t tell him until she knows its ok.  Carly understands not saying anything before the surgery, but insists he be told as soon as he wakes up.  Sam says she’ll do it with the doctor’s consent.  Carly asks if she even knows her husband, saying Jason hates being handled and told what he can and can’t do.  Carly insists she’s going to tell Jason. Sam tells her she’s not allowed back into the room.

Carly says Sam can’t lie to Jason’s face. Sam says she’s protecting him and Monica agrees.  Carly scoffs that Monica doesn’t know what Jason wants and that Jason will never forgive Sam.  Sam’s fine with Jason being alive and pissed and not dead.  Sam says she’s Jason’s wife and she makes the decisions.  Carly says Sam can’t stop her from going back in. Sam says she’ll notify the hospital and post guards. 

Anthony says he has nowhere else to go. Johnny allows him to stay.  There’s a knock on the door. Johnny opens it to find Kate.

Dante stops by Crimson to see Kate and notices the wedding dress.  He also finds a gun, partially stuffed under the cabinet. 

Carly’s trying to get Epiphany to let her back into Jason’s room, but Pif doesn’t care.  Sonny shows up and Carly gives him an update.  He’s sad about Robin, says she saved Jason’s life and they hug.

Luke finds Robert on Robin’s bridge, looking like he’s ready to jump.