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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Patty's Loved Ones Team Up Against Those Who Manipulated Her!

Nick/Sharon:  A new business deal brings the two closer together. Plus, since she's once again finished with Adam, will that change the way she feels about her first love? 


Phyllis: Red goes too far with Daisy in her quest to keep Lucy.

Daniel: He tries to do right by his daughter.

Genevieve: Genaura goes with hat in hand to gain Ol' Smilin' Jack's forgiveness.

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Ashley/Jill: Ex-stepmom and stepdaugther tangle about Jabot.

Adam: The Newman black sheep  tries to make amends with Jack. Jack tells him to get lost. Look for Adam's past schemes with Patty to land him in serious legal trouble.

Nikki: She blows her stack over Victor's duplicity. Will her rage at Victor draw her closer to Jack?

Abby: The Naked Heiress pitches an idea to Billy.

Kevin/Chloe: The two have a heated showdown.

Jack/Paul: They decide to team up to make Victor and Adam pay for manipulating Patty.