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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke tells Robert that he can’t take the easy way out.  Robert wonders why he wasn’t there for Robin. Luke insists he had no way of knowing what would happen.  Luke says there’s nothing worse than losing a child. Robert points out that Lucky wasn’t dead and came back, but Robin won’t because he saw what was left of her. 

Delores offers her condolences to Mac, who bites her head off about finding who shot out Anthony’s tires and killed two innocent people.  Anna shows up, asking if he’s heard from Robert. Mac says Robert will reach out to them when he’s ready. 

Maxie finds Dante in Kate’s office and asks about the gun.  He asks who’s been in the office in the past two weeks. She claims only Kate.  Dante heads to work and asks Delores to get the ballistics report on the gun.  She wants to know where it came from, but Dante isn’t talking. 

Carly asks Sonny if he stayed at the hospital or if he went out and made things worse.  She asks about Kate, but Sonny says they’re good. He says Carly should concentrate on her own mistakes, like Johnny.  Carly says she stopped Sonny from killing Johnny.  Sonny insists Johnny isn’t innocent and claims Johnny’s only after Carly to get to him. 

Michael listens as Blair tries to console Starr. Blair explains that Hope and Cole were killed in the car explosion.  Starr claims Michael said he would save them.  Blair insists Michael did everything he could. Starr will carry them in her heart.  Starr wonders why Michael didn’t save them.  Starr says her life will never be the same, as she cries in her mother’s arms. 

Johnny’s confused as to what Kate is up to but she insists she’s Connie and not Kate.  Johnny thinks he’s being set up to help sonny and that she needs to go.  He asks if she hit her head or was in accident, but “Connie’ insists that Kate is the one with the problem.  Connie says someone needs to protect them, Connie and Kate. 

Matt shows up at the Scrubs house and finds Liz. She explains that Emma was told and Patrick has been with her. She says Emma is starting to understand that Robin isn’t coming back.  Matt feels helpless and unsure of what he should do.  Liz asks if he’s spoken to Maxie yet. She says Maxie will need him.  Liz tells Matt to find Maxie. 

Robert is upset that his little girl burned to death and he imagines her pain, suffering and that he doesn’t think he can live with it.  He says Robin needed him and he wasn’t there.  He talks about Robin nursing him through the cancer and saving his life, but he couldn’t save her.  Luke says there was no way for him to know.  Robert says he never made Robin a priority and should have been there to save her.  Luke says at least he never killed a four year old.

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Luke explains what happened with Jake and how he wakes up some nights, seeing his face. He wanted to end things, but kept going.  Robert reminds him that he had Lucky, Lulu and Ethan to help him through, but Robin was his only child.  Luke says that’s not true, Ethan isn’t his, but Robert’s. 

Spin finds Maxie back at work and she claims the whole world doesn’t stop.  He thinks she should let herself feel. Maxie is angry that he thinks she’s not grieving properly.  Spin says she needs time to process this and deal with the pain, because of all the other losses she’s suffered. Maxie’s not interested and tells Spin to go home and pack.  Maxie says he’s a good friend but life moves on

Spinelli says she refused to give up on him when he suffered his trauma and she’s lost someone she loves. It’s his turn to help her.  After he leaves, Matt arrives, just as Maxie remembers knocking off the gas valve. 

Anna gets home and Liz tells her that Patrick is still with Emma. Liz says she knows what it’s like to lose a child and asks what she can do to help.  Anna asks for help planning the funeral. 

Carly says she isn’t Sonny’ personal property. Sonny insists that Johnny is using her and Carly is allowing it. Carly again asks about Kate and why she isn’t helping Sonny right now.  Sonny assures her that she isn’t the only woman who can handle his life.  Carly says he disappoints her, but they share two kids and she cares what happens to him.  Sonny tells her to back off Kate, that they have a real relationship. 

Johnny thinks he should call Olivia, but Connie says Olivia’s more pathetic than Kate. Connie says Olivia’s getting weak for Sonny and that she tried to warn Kate off.  Connie explains that Kate gave Sonny an ultimatum about Anthony, then broke up with him, but got back together just as quickly.  She says Sonny won’t give up his thing with Anthony.  Johnny says it’s too late. Connie thinks that means Anthony is dead.  Johnny wants to know what Connie wants from him.  Connie says Kate won’t break up with Sonny, so Sonny has to break up with her. This is where Johnny comes in.

Michael finds his parents arguing and asks about Jason. He explains about Starr losing her family.  Michael blames himself. Carly asks if they know who shot out Anthony’s tires.  Michael says Dante’s working on it and decides to pay Jason a visit.  Carly asks him to keep her updated, since she’s been banned. 

Carly says it’s suspicious that Anthony’s tires were shot out the same night he supposedly shot at Dante.  Sonny insists he didn’t cause the crash. If he did he wouldn’t lie and cover it up.  Carly asks if Kate will step up and lie and give him an alibi or if she’ll take off.  Sonny tells her to mind her own business.

Dante gets the ballistic report and says the gun matches the one that shot out the tires.  Mac asks who the gun belonged to.

Todd arrives to find Blair at the hospital.