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SOAP BYTES: Todd Manning Hits Port Charles

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GH BYTES:  Hello Todd Manning (Roger Howarth). Forget John McBain (Michael Easton) vs. Sonny (Maurice Benard), I cannot wait to see Todd vs. Sonny. 

Kristen Alderson is acting her ass off. With Lexi Ainsworth gone, General Hospital desperately needed a strong actress in Michael’s (Chad Duell) age range and they definitely have that with Alderson as Starr.

Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to have Tristan Rogers back in Port Charles as Robert Scorpio, instead of on The Young and the Restless? I couldn’t take my eyes away from Luke (Anthony Geary) and Robert’s scenes today if I tried. Excellent stuff.

Yep, Kate has done lost her marbles. No way the Kate I once loved is suddenly calling herself Connie.  Who does Kate think she is now, Halle Berry as Catwoman?  I will say this; Kelly Sullivan is much more enjoyable playing a character with a split personality than she was as Kate. For a brief moment it reminded me of Martha Byrne playing twins Lily and Rose on As the World Turns. I'll be interested to see how this storyline develops, and that isn’t something I’ve said about a storyline involving Kate since Megan Ward was in the role.

Leave it to Sonny to make Carly’s (Laura Wright) relationship with Johnny (Brandon Barash) about him.  I have to wonder what it is like to suffer from such an impressive ego.


Y&R BYTES: Victor (Eric Braeden) trust Adam (Michael Muhney)? Never going to happen.  How long do we expect this good version of Adam to last?  

Paul (Doug Davidson) and Patty's (Stacy Haiduk) sibling relationship is a small gem on a show burried in storyline mud.  His unconditional love for his troubled sister.

Look at all those pearls Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is sporting like she’s on GCB!The Young and the Restless needs to find its glamour again. As much as I'd prefer Phyllis and Jack (Peter Bergman) to reunite, I wouldn't be the least bit opposed to Nikki and Jack rediscovering feelings for one another.

Phyllis’ (Michelle Stafford) attempt at being a good girl didn’t last long did it? She really just needs to put Nick (Joshua Morrow) into a giant bubble that prevents Sharon (Sharon Case) from getting anywhere near him.

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DAYS BYTES: Lucas (Bryan Datillo) and Sami (Alison Sweeney) ina room — so much history.

Lucas to Sami: “Why don’t you calm down, say congratulations, or I’ll start to think you can’t stand I have a life that doesn’t revolve around you.”

Kate (Lauren Koslow) is spending way too much time with new(er) characters. However, by the time she spotted Sami with Lucas and demanded to know if “this little bitch” would get her hooks in him again, everything felt right again.

Brady (Eric Martsolf) put the ring in the champagne glass for Madison (Sarah Brown). Nice touch.

I can’t believe I’m feeling sorry for Melanie (Molly Burnett) at the moment. 

Abby (Kate Mansi) is #DELUSIONAL.


B&B BYTES: Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in tears over Liam (Scott Clifton) and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) being horny, gotta love B&B's consistency!

It’s hard to believe Scott Clifton has been playing the role of Liam long enough for there to be that many flashbacks of him and Steffy. 

Steffy: “if this is difficult for Hope (Kim Matula), then she shouldn’t be doing it.”

How much you wanna bet Hope doesn’t go through with losing her cherry to Liam and pulls out—no puns intended—at the last moment?  I’m a little weary of the Forrester, Logan and Spencer families constantly disucssing the "Who" "What" "When" "Where" and "Why" of Hope's eventual loss of her maidenhood. Don't these people have empires to run? 

A Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) mention! Please have Deacon come back B&B. Pretty please.