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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke claims Holly told him that Ethan is Robert’s son. Robert doesn’t think Holly is credible, since she’s a con.  Luke says Holly showed him the DNA test. However, Robert thinks she has an agenda and could have switched the results.  Robert is sure he’s not the father, since he was on the road most of the year that Ethan was conceived.  Luke says Ethan is the only one of his three that he didn’t screw up and now he can’t save him. 

Holly’s concerned when Ethan declares he’s going after Helena in order to kill her.  Holly does her best to convince Ethan not to, telling him how devastated Luke would be to lose him, should something happen. 

Maxie’s upset that she took Robin for granted and called her selfish.  Matt assures her Robin knew she didn’t mean it.  Matt tells her he stopped by to see Patrick and Emma.  Maxie wants to know how the explosion was caused.  Matt tells her they think it was a gas leak. Maxie blames herself. 

Connie says if Sonny catches Kate and Johnny together, he’ll be done with Kate for good.  She kisses Johnny for good measure, but he fights her off.  Anthony eavesdrops, as Johnny tries to understand exactly what Connie wants from him.  Johnny thinks the whole thing is crazy, but Connie wants to make Sonny suffer. 

Carly asks Sonny again if he went after Anthony and that he should call Alexis, so she’s ready to defend him.  Sonny storms off, but Dante finds him and brings him down to the PCPD for interrogation. 

Blair’s angry to see Todd and slaps him. She then yells at him for what he’s done in Llanview and how he lied to her.   She says everyone hates him now and he let Starr down.  Todd says he’s not leaving until he knows Starr is okay.  Blair explains what happened and that they lost Cole and Hope. 

Alexis runs into Carly, who thinks she’s there because Sonny called her. Alexis says she’s there to see Sam and Jason.  Carly complains about Sam and how she hasn’t told Jason about Robin yet.  Alexis points out Jason is still recovering and questions Carly getting involved with Johnny and inciting a mob war. 

Alexis asks why Sonny should be calling her and Carly explains what’s happened with the Zacharas.  Alexis says she’ll track down Sonny, but in the meantime wants to check on Sam.  Carly snarks that Jason loved Robin and would want to know that she’s dead. 

Dante wants to know everything that Sonny’s done in the past 24 hours, so he recounts that he went to Johnny’s, then to the Qs, then to the hospital to spend time with Sam and to Kate’s office.  Dante tells him he found a 9mm in Kate’s office and wonders how it got there. 

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Sonny claims it isn’t his gun and Dante can’t prove it is.  Dante says Sonny sent another father and child to their deaths. However, Sonny says there’s no way he could have shot out two tires in a moving car with a 9mm.  Dante asks if Kate owns a gun. Sonny says to his knowledge, she doesn’t.  

Connie tells Johnny that it’s a win/win for both of them, she protects Kate from her mistakes and he gets to stick it to Sonny.  Johnny says he’s seeing someone but Connie doesn’t care since she just wants one night.  Johnny wonders if Connie has her own phone line to be reached, so Connie tells him to think about it and leaves. 

Anthony thinks this was an opportunity that Johnny should have taken.  Anthony tells him not to turn Connie down because helping her would be beneficial.  Johnny points out that Connie/Kate is losing her marbles and he doesn’t want to take advantage of that.  Anthony figures Johnny is sweet on Carly, but that Sonny is out for blood and it’s time to strike back.  He says it’s a sweet opportunity. 

Luke explains to Robert about Helena and Cassandra. How Helena took off, but she grabbed Ethan and took him with her. Luke says he doesn’t have the connections or the expertise Robert has.  Robert says it won’t bring Robin back.  Luke tells him not to fail his son, like he failed his daughter. What would Robin say if Robert ignored someone in need. 

Luke says Robert would have taken the coward’s way out and turned his back on his son.  Robert is still upset that he couldn’t save Robin.  Luke tells him to save his son. 

Matt assures Maxie she’s just feeling guilty, but did nothing wrong. He says she needs to go home and get some rest.  Maxie doesn’t want to leave and says she can’t sleep.  Matt tells her to lean on Spinelli, but Maxie tells him to leave and drops to the floor, crying.    

Todd thinks Blair is lying about the deaths, so he’ll leave them alone. She assures him she wouldn’t be that cruel and explains about Michael finding them. She cries that Starr will never get over this and they hug.  Blair than pulls back, saying she doesn’t want his comfort. She wants nothing to do with him.  She tells him to leave or she’ll call the police.  Todd says he wants to see his daughter, to help her. He says that everything he has is because he loves Blair.  He says he’ll never stop trying to put them back together. 

Connie/Kate gets back to the office and sees that Maxie is upset and sends her home.  She goes into her office and Kate is shocked to see her reflection in the mirror.

Dante says he wants to believe Sonny, but the evidence says otherwise.  Sonny asks if Dante is arresting him. Sonny calls Alexis and tells him he was arrested for murder. 

Holly says Luke acts like he doesn’t care, but that he does. He would blame himself and that he needs Ethan.  Ethan agrees to stay.  Luke shows up and says Ethan needs to do him a favor and disappear.