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iVillage Mommy Blogger Lists Daytime Confidential Podcast as Her Guilty Pleasure on The Conversation Thread!!

After all these years, we here at Daytime Confidential finally have something in common with the late Aaron Spelling's TV catalog; we're counted as someone's guilty pleasure! Popular blogger Beth Engleman of revealed on the iVillage web series The Conversation Thread that the Daytime Confidential podcast is her TV Guilty Pleasure!


While Engleman, who also blogs for iVillage, iVoice and appears regulary on WCIU-TV Chicago, admitted DC isn't a TV show, she said Luke Kerr's podcast chats with Jillian BoweRegan Cellura, Melodie Aikels and me about the soaps still qualified for her. Watch the clip below to see what some of her fellow mommy bloggers counted among their guiltiest pleasures and to hear Engleman admit she also follows the "Save Our Soaps" movement. Thanks, Beth!

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