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Exiting GH Star Nathan Parsons on Garin Wolf's 'Woman In White': "He Was The First Person Who Wrote a Great Story For This Character"

Did the end of the "Woman In White" debacle and demotion of former head writer Garin Wolf play a role in Nathan Parsons' General Hospital exit? Apparently so. In this week's Soap Opera Digest (on newstands now), Parsons revealed his frustration over Wolf being asked to step down and his character Ethan's love interest Alyshia Ochse (ex-Cassandra/Irina) being fired. Both of which he says factored into his decision to leave.


"Ethan finally gets a girlfriend and she's killed," chuckles Parsons. "When I first started talking about leaving, it had always been in the back of my mind that my contract was coming up. Then I found out that Garin [Wolf, former head writer] was going to be asked to step down. It was frustrating because he was the first person who wrote a great story for this character. It was supposed to continue on for months. They had Alyshia [Oschse, ex-Cassandra/Irina] on a potential five-year contract."

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Lord have mercy. Frank and Ron got to Port Charles just in the nick of time! Could you imagine that madness going on for five minutes longer, let alone five years?

Anyhoo, I think Parsons is a talented bloke and will do fine. Although, he really needs to do a bit more study of classical literature—or hell even the funny pages—if he thought 'Woman in White' was a great story. To borrow from my DC podcast co-host Melodie Aikels, that story was a mess from the 'M' to the 'S'!  For more of Parsons' exit interview, pick up the March 20 issue of Soap Opera Digest!