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General Hospital Hits 18-Week Ratings High Under New Creative Regime and... ABC Actually PROMOTES IT!!!!

Well how do you like them Kelly's french fries?! ABC Daytime has sent out their weekly ratings press release and, knock me over with a freeze ray in Port Charles, New York, the network is actualy praising General Hospital's 18-week ratings high for the week of Feb. 27!


From the release:

"General Hospital” recorded 18-week highs in Women 18-49 (657,000) and Women 25-54 (871,000), since the week of 10/24/11, a 13-week high in Women 18-34 (172,000 – since the week of 11/28/11) and a 7-week high in Total Viewers (2.403 million – since the week of 1/9/12).

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GH's competitor in this unfortunate Hunger Games: Network: TV Style saga it finds itself in, The Revolution, also went up a bit:

The Revolution” delivered its most-watched week in Women 25-54 (485,000 – tied debut week) and 2nd-most-watched week to date in Total Viewers (1.624 million) and Women 18-49 (351,000), behind only its premiere week, posting an impressive 4th consecutive week of gains in Total Viewers.

The Chew came in with 2.48 million total viewers for the week, and sadly, continued to improve on All My Children's numbers.

"The Chew” posted a 7-week high in Total Viewers (2.489 million – since week of 1/9/12), climbing by an impressive 11% over “All My Children’s” year-ago delivery (vs. 2.249 million), by 10% in Women 25-54 (1.1 rating vs. 1.0 rating) and tying in Women 18-34 (0.4 rating) and Women 18-49 (0.7 rating).

ABCD needs to admit failure, put a fork in The Revolution (Heck, they can borrow one from the set of The Chew!) and give the soap that put its lineup on the map that G$* D$*! timeslot. Good job, GH!