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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny wants Dante to take himself off of the case. However, Dante feels that would be running away.  If Sonny’s telling the truth, Dante wants to prove it. Alexis arrives, claiming Sonny’s always the scapegoat. Dante explains about finding the gun in Kate’s office. Alexis says it could be anyone’s gun, but Dante says no one else had motive to go after Anthony.  Alexis says Sonny wouldn’t be so calm if he had caused the death of a child. 

Blair calls Tomas, to give him the latest information, and declares there is no way Todd will see Starr.

Todd shows up at the Metro Court, looking for a room and willing to pay in cash.  Carly says she doesn’t want trouble. He says he’s here to see someone in the hospital that he’s not being allowed to see.  Carly is sympathetic, because of her ban, and assures him of a room for as long as he needs.

Robert tells Anna and Mac that he’s leaving. He explains about Ethan being his son with Holly.  Both Mac and Anna are shocked, confused and point out that Holly could be lying. Robert says Ethan crossed Helena and now he has to find him. 

Luke explains his plans to Holly and Ethan.  Holly is shocked to hear that Robert was planning on killing himself, but Luke says he gave Robert a reason to live.  He explains that he felt the same way after Jake, but had a reason to live, his kids. This way he’s saving Ethan from Helena and Robert from himself. 

Starr accuses Michael of not saving her family as promised. She asks for all the details. Michael provides them for her.  He apologizes for not being able to save them.  Michael introduces himself. Starr reacts to the last name Corinthos, but doesn’t remember why.  Blair comes in and asks Michael to leave.  Starr thanks him again for his help. 

Lulu finds a crying Maxie in her hallway. Maxie says she’s done something horrible. She flashes back to the gas valve falling off.  Maxie rants about being in the lab, the things she said and how she should have paid attention.  Lulu asks if Maxie touched something. Maxie runs off to the bathroom to be sick. 

Luke says he’s proud to be Ethan’s father, but he has a chance to save a man’s life.  He says in order for Robert to go on, he needs to believe he can rescue his son.  Luke says Ethan has a chance to outwit a spy. When Robert realizes the truth, the pain of losing Robin will have eased.  Holly thinks Robert will hate Luke, but that’s okay with Luke, as long as Robert is alive. 

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Carly tells Todd that his room is ready and asks about the person in the hospital.  Todd says it’s his daughter and that his granddaughter is dead, thanks to a bad driver.  Carly realizes that it’s the family that Michael tried to help.  Todd asks what she knows. She explains that her son brought Starr in.  Todd wants to speak with Michael to get more information, but Carly says the police are handling it.  Carly thinks Todd has rights to see his daughter and offers to help him out. 

Starr says they need to contact Cole’s parents, but the only one with the information is her father. She doesn’t want anything to do with him.  Blair says she’ll contact John McBain and see if he can help. 

Alexis asks where Anthony is. Dante says he doesn’t know if Anthony is alive or dead, since he was bleeding when he left the scene.  Alexis says Anthony could have framed Sonny, by planting the gun in Kate’s office.  After Dante leaves, Alexis asks Sonny if he did this, if he killed a little girl.  Sonny swears that he didn’t.  Alexis isn’t so sure, since he can get irrational when defending his children.  Sonny says she doesn’t have to believe him, but she has to defend him. 

Anna is shocked that Robert is leaving before the funeral.  Robert says Mac will be there.  Anna says they need to mourn Robin. However, Robert feels he needs to make up for failing Robin, by finding Ethan.  Robert goes to say goodbye to Emma.  Anna thinks he’s crazy with grief, but Mac tells her that it gives Robert a reason to live. 

Robert asks Anna to understand, he wasn’t there for Robin and needs to do this.  Anna says Robin understood him. She reminds him of their dinner together the last time they were in town.  She tells him to hold onto that memory.  Robert heads out and Anna wonders if she did the right thing in letting him go. 

Lulu asks if Maxie did something while in the lab, but Maxie says she’ll never be able to say she’s sorry to Robin.  Mac arrives, having been called by Lulu.  Maxie says she’s sorry, but Mac assures her she has nothing to be sorry about. 

Michael goes to the PCPD and asks if Sonny was arrested. Dante explains about finding the gun, but the serial number was filed off.  Michael doesn’t want to believe that his father could have killed Starr’s family. 

Alexis tells Dante that the evidence is circumstantial and to release Sonny.  Dante says it’s Mac’s call. Until Mac says otherwise, Sonny is to stay put.  Sonny tells Michael to stay out of this. 

Carly and Todd are dressed in scrubs.  When Blair leaves Starr’s room, Todd heads in. 

Luke says it will take Ethan’s mind off what happened at Windemere and see who can outwit whom.  He gives Ethan a passport and some information to help him out.  Holly hugs Ethan and he leaves through the tunnels.  Robert arrives, declaring that he needs to save his son.