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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Todd sneaks into Starr’s cubicle. She tells him to get out, because she doesn’t want him there. Todd understands she’s upset at him, but she needs her family right now. Starr’s upset that her father lied to her and isn’t sorry. Todd wishes he could bring her family back to her.

Johnny calls Carly, but she’s trying to sneak into Jason’s room and can’t talk. Epiphany catches Carly and accuses her of impersonating hospital staff. Carly says Sam has no right to keep her from Jason. Pif reminds her that Sam is the wife and she doesn’t have time to deal with Carly. Carly says she knows what Jason needs and she’s not leaving until she sees Jason. Pif says she’s going to call security. Carly doesn’t want trouble, so Pif tells her to go down to the locker room to change. However, Carly takes off the scrubs right there and storms off.

Anthony tells Johnny to focus on Kate and to use her to pay Sonny back. Johnny doesn’t want to deal with someone who isn’t sane. Anthony says they can take Sonny down. Johnny feels if he takes advantage of a sick Kate, he’s no better than Sonny. Anthony swears he didn’t shoot at Dante. He says Dante likely made his own enemies.

Ewen shows up at Crimson to see Kate. He explains how he ran into her on the docks. He says he’s concerned about her. Kate assures him that she’s fine now. Ethan reminds her that she’s been experiencing blackouts and that they don’t go away on their own. He says they will increase in frequency. He asks if it happened again.

Dante’s surprised to see Lulu at work, but she says Mac’s taking care of Maxie. Dante tells her about the gun that was found in Kate’s office. Lulu asks if he thinks Sonny went after Anthony. Dante says someone has to pay for the loss of Starr’s family. Lulu asks why he isn’t letting himself off the case. Dante wants to prove his father’s innocence or be there when he’s guilty. Lulu understands his feeling conflicted. Dante says he’s going to see Kate and asks Lulu to finish downloading the photos from the alley.

Holly offers Robert her condolences, saying Robin was an amazing woman. Robert says he couldn’t save his daughter, but will save his son. Luke says Ethan is a good kid. Holly knows how much Robert loved Robin, but that she wouldn’t want him to throw away his life. Robert feels he was missing in action for half of Robin’s life.

Robert says he wishes he’d gotten to know Ethan all these years. Holly says Helena will kill him. Robert assures her that won’t happen. Luke gives Robert a picture of Ethan and tells Robert to get to know him.

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Ewen assures Kate that he’s good at what he does. Kate opens up and tells him she showed up at work in Connie’s clothes. She explains about Connie. Ewen feels Connie is the answer. He explains about dissociation. Kate is surprised that he’s talking about multiple personalities.

Ewen explains that the blackouts are when the separate entity emerges. Ewen gives her his card, but Kate says she understands. She insists she’ll handle things on her own. Ewen says she can’t handle this alone. Dante arrives, so Ewen leaves.

Anthony says no one will get hurt, but Sonny. He cautions Johnny that Carly is only sleeping with him to protect Michael and to piss off Sonny. He thinks they need to hit Sonny before he hurts them again.

Johnny feels he only has one chance with Carly and doesn’t want to risk it on a revenge plot with an unstable woman. Anthony tells him not to let Carly make him forget his priorities.

Dante asks Kate if the gun looks familiar and says he found it in her office. She asks if it belongs to Sonny. Dante says the serial number was filed off, but that it was the gun used to shoot out Anthony’s tires and kill two people. Kate says it wasn’t Sonny, because he would make sure nothing would be traced back to him. She thinks the gun was planted. Dante asks if anyone else other than Maxie has been in the office and Kate gets a look on her face.

Kate decides she needs to see Sonny. Dante tells her he’s been arrested. Kate lies and says Sonny was with her from when he left the hospital. However, Dante says he knows Sonny went to the Quartermaines and not to lie for him.

Lulu comes back from the file room, to find that Dante’s photos have been deleted. Delores tries to get her to backtrack, but they’re gone. Dante returns and Lulu explains that the file has been deliberately deleted. Delores watches from a distance.

Carly shows up at Johnny’s ranting about Pif stopping her. What if Jason had died and she hadn’t told him how much he means to her. Johnny assures her that Jason knows she loves him. Carly says she didn’t come to complain, but wanted to see him. They kiss and Carly thanks him for listening before heading back out. Anthony says dating a mother isn’t easy and if Johnny wants to let off steam, he should call Connie.

Starr’s upset that she decided to return home. She and Todd talk about Hope. Starr doesn’t understand that they’re gone. She tells Todd all the details, and explains about Anthony pointing the finger at Sonny. Starr decides she needs to tell the police what’s she’s remembered. Todd promises to make everything all right. He leaves and says Sonny won’t get away with hurting his family.

Holly says she’s going with Robert to help find Ethan. Luke tells Robert to stay off ledges. Robert asks him to take care of Anna for him. Luke tells Holly where to steer Robert in order to keep him off the track. Holly points out that Luke will have to tell everyone that Ethan isn’t his and hopes it doesn’t come back to haunt him.